3 Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Windows

Vintage homes hold beautiful design features that many Moorpark homeowners try to keep in tact. Unfortunately, older homes mean outdated features, which can mean real trouble when it comes to your windows. Today, homeowners are entirely too busy to notice the effects their windows are having on their home and lifestyle. The majority of homeowners grow used to the disadvantages that come with outdated windows and often wait too long to replace them. So to help keep your home comfortable, safe, and energy efficient we have put together a short list of signs that it may be time to replace your windows.

#1 You Have Extra Noise Entering Your Home: The occasional sound of blue birds is nothing to complain about, but when you have to listen to screaming kids or street construction at all hours of the day, your windows are likely to blame. Windows that only use a single pane of glass are often too thin to block out the majority of the noise. Try replacing your current windows with ones that have double or even triple pane glass to restore the peace and quiet in your home.

#2 You Have Difficulty Finding Replacement Parts: If replacement parts for your window have suddenly become increasingly difficult to find, it’s a sure sign that your window is no longer in circulation and that parts are no longer being created for it. This as a clear sign that your window is out of date. Keep in mind that these parts will only become more expensive as time goes on, increasing the cost of any window repair you may need in the future.

#3 Your Energy Bill is Way Too High: If you are fairly certain your energy bill has slowly crept up and it is now sitting in a location that is way too high, despite your efforts to limit your energy use, you are likely throwing your money out the window. Older windows become easily damaged by time or intense weather, resulting in drafts. Once a draft has occurred, all of your heating and cooling costs will rise as the majority of the air leaves your home through the open gap. By replacing your windows with a more energy efficient model, like vinyl, your home will be better insulated, which will drastically reduce your monthly electric bill.

If you are among the many homeowners currently experiencing these issues with their windows, it may be time to begin shopping for your Moorpark CA, replacement windows. Remember, there is a wide variety of window models and materials available so it’s best to speak with a window professional to ensure you receive the most for your money. At Quality Windows, our trained staff of professionals can answer any questions you may have as well as provide you with a free in-home consultation. To receive your consultation, give us a call at 805-984-5895 or visit us at one of our three locations in Ventura County, Santa Barbara, or Malibu.

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