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Casement Windows: A Secure Option for Replacement Windows

If you want to replace old windows with something more efficient, you are holding energy savings in high regards. While you want to be as energy efficient as possible, you also need to consider other factors, like home security. Old windows are weak points in your home. They are invitations to certain intruders who use them to slip into your home with ease. If you choose casement windows for your replacement windows on your home in Westlake Village, CA, you are making your home safer than ever.

Why are Casement Windows so Secure?

When you look into replacement windows, you may have a number of reasons to go with casement windows. If you want security, that is a good reason to choose them as well. Casement windows are some of the best window operating styles for secure homes. They pivot out and can only operate by turning a crank inside the home. When they are closed, the lock flush against the frame. There is no way for an intruder to operate them from outside the home. The hook-shaped arm that comes standard on these windows is embedded into the frame so it is tamperproof as well. Sliding and double-hung windows have additional hardware, but casement windows don’t need them in order to remain secure.

Maximizing Replacement Windows Security

If you get casement windows when you work on your replacement windows project, you want to make sure they will work well for security. As you’ve already read, casement windows are great for security, but only if you use them properly. These tips will help you secure your replacement windows against unauthorized entries.

Close the windows properly

Casement windows need to close flush against the frame. IF they are not installed properly or the frame has swollen, the windows may not close quite right. If you have wood replacement windows and you paint them over the years, the paint can build up and not allow them to close properly either. If the sash protrudes farther than the frame, an intruder could pry at the window with a crowbar. Check the outside of your home from time to time to make sure the windows are flush with the frame when they are closed.

Choose impact glass

If someone really wants into your home and notices your casement windows, they may realize that the only way through the windows is to break the glass. Impact glass is usually installed to combat hurricanes and other storms, but they work well to deter burglars as well. They can sustain a number of items like bricks, hammer blows and anything else an intruder may throw at them.

If you are ready for replacement windows on your home in Westlake Village, CA, consider casement windows. Whether you want casement windows Westlake Village, CA or another style, Quality Windows is here to help! Give us a call today at 805-984-5895 or stop by and see examples in our showroom. We’re located at 1430 S Oxnard Blvd, Oxnard, CA 93030.

Top 10 Things to Check on Replacement Windows

If you are working on getting new windows for your Westlake Village, CA home, you might feel like you have a lot to think through. You’re right! You really do have a lot to consider. But if you can get these ten items to line up, you new windows will be in good shape. Use this as a checklist and go down the line when you check out windows for your home.

  1. Functionality

You want a lot of things from your new windows, but functionality should be near the top of the list. Quality windows eliminate a lot of headaches in your home. If you can open and close your windows with ease, you can use them to their full extent.

  1. Energy Efficiency

Any new windows you install should be energy efficient windows Westlake Village, CA so you can get the most from your investment. Make sure the label has an Energy Star seal on it to ensure that you are getting energy efficient windows.

  1. Extra Panes

You can’t find single pane glass very many places any longer. Double pane glass is standard. But if you want to save even more money and energy on bills, go for triple pane glass. You’ll earn savings that will pay for the extra cost.

  1. Safety Codes

Make sure that the windows you purchase follow the state safety codes. You will want tempered glass that shatters into blunt pieces if you are placing a window near the bath or shower, for example.

  1. Good Installation

Whatever quality windows you purchase, they will only serve your home if they are properly installed. Installation is just as important as the windows you buy.

  1. A Good Fit

It is imperative to have professionals from the window company to come to your home and measure in order to get the exact fit. If the windows aren’t properly fitted, they can’t do their job well.

  1. Check Aesthetics

You will want to ensure that the windows you purchase will look good on your home. Take samples home with you and hold them up against the interior and exterior of your home.

  1. Noise Reduction

Do you hear a lot of noise around your home? You can get glass that further reduces the noise that leak into your house from outside.

  1. UV Protection

If you are worried about the California sun damaging your possessions, ask for glass that has protective coatings on it so the UV rays no longer seep in where they are not invited.

  1. Style

There are many different types and styles of windows and every homeowner is different. Make sure you get something you will enjoy for many years because quality windows will last!

If you are looking for new windows for your home in Westlake Village, CA, contact Quality Windows at 805-984-5895. We’re happy to offer you a free consultation to go over the details. You can also stop by our showroom and see examples in person at 1430 S Oxnard Blvd, Oxnard, CA 93030.

The Cost of Replacement Windows

Windows play a huge role in your home. They help determine your utility bills, comfort level, and overall look within the home. If you have low quality windows in your Ventura, CA home, you are throwing money away. Replacement windows require an investment so you need to do the project at the right time. When you are researching, you might focus on the price tag alone. But what are you really paying for? If you are considering replacement windows, here are five questions to ask.

What are the windows made of?

When you are considering replacement windows, you may think you will get wood or the same type of windows you already have. But have you considered other variations? Vinyl, for example, might serve your purposes better. Look into the energy efficiency of the different materials and pick something that performs well and fits into your budget. You want something strong and durable that is also highly efficient.

Is the installation included and how experienced are the installers?

There’s nothing worse than buying high quality windows and then having the installation job botched. You want to make sure the installers you hire know what they are doing so you will get what you invested out of the windows. At Quality Windows and Doors, we have been installing windows for over 30 years. We know exactly what it takes to get a tight seal onto your house so you can get every bit of worth out of your replacement windows. Also, when we give you an estimate, it includes everything so there are no hidden fees or costs popping you later.

What will the replacement process look like?

Replacement windows aren’t something you put into your house very often. It’s likely you’ve never gone through it before. The process can be confusing if you don’t know what is happening. Replacement windows are costly and it can seem like a daunting process with a lot of steps. You will want to make sure you know what happens and when and what you need to do so you know what to expect for the entire project. We’re happy to sit down with you and explain everything. And you installers are so good the actual replacement process in your home will take as little time as possible.

What happens if you need help with your windows down the road?

We stand behind our windows replacement Ojai, CA. If something comes up later, just give us a call again and we’ll make sure you’re taken care of. We can help you understand your warranties and get through any unlikely issues that arise.

Will you have to replace the windows again because of efficiency?

The answer to this question depends on the type of windows you get and how efficient they are. But when you work with Quality Windows and Doors, the answer is always no. We only carry high efficient, high quality windows!

Call Quality Windows and Doors today at 805-984-5895 and ask any questions you have about replacement windows. Or visit us at 1430 S Oxnard Blvd, Oxnard, California 93030.

FAQ About the Replacement Windows Process

If you are thinking about installing replacement windows onto your home in Camarillo, CA, you know a lot about the process already. You know that you will be able to enjoy lower utility bills because new windows will give you better energy efficiency. You know your vinyl windows won’t need ongoing maintenance. And you know your house will look better and be worth more. But how much do you know about the process that takes place before and during installation? It’s not something you do everyday, after all! Here are some questions you might ask to familiarize yourself with replacement windows processes so you are comfortable the whole way through.

I know I’m close to ready for replacement windows. What’s the first step I should take?

Before you do anything else, it is wise to set up a consultation with the professionals at Quality Windows and Doors. This no strings attached consultation is free and you can learn a lot about replacement windows and what you need for your home. There isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution for every home. We know your home is different from a home across town in a different part of Camarillo, CA. We will listen to your needs and find Port Hueneme, CA replacement windows that match what you want to accomplish. This consultation will help you determine a budget and many other elements.

Okay, I can see a free consultation is a good idea. What will happen during that meeting?

Plenty! We’ll listen to your goals and vision for your replacement windows. Perhaps you are set on the most energy efficient options or maybe you want a certain style. We want to make the project work exactly as you want so we need to have all the details possible on your ideas. We will also look at your current windows and think about your home’s situation. There might be some unique challenges or things we need to know for installation. We’ll talk through the budget and find a solution that fits what you have available to spend. We’ll also look at a timeline. How soon do you want replacement windows? Are you able to wait a few months or do you want them to go in next week? We will also lay out the best possible deals for you to consider. A lot happens during the consultation so have a pencil and paper ready for notes…we will!

I’m not sure I understand the differences in the window styles and colors. What should I do?

You can always open a magazine and look at pictures or go online and do a few searches. But sometimes, it’s best to see these things in person. You’re welcome to visit our showroom anytime and see some of the items you are considering in person. There’s nothing like playing with the hardware and seeing the colors in person to help you make tough decisions.

These are just a few of the questions you will ask as you consider replacement windows in Camarillo, CA. When you come up with more, call Quality Windows and Doors at 805-984-5895 or stop by and see us at 1430 S Oxnard Blvd, Oxnard, California 93030.

Signs it May Be Time to Replace Your Windows

Thousand Oaks homeowners take pride in their homes and often take the necessary measures to keep them looking new. Unfortunately, when it comes to your home there are some areas that simply slip through the cracks. One such area is your windows. Ventura, CA windows replacement are a project that often isn’t considered until a glass becomes broken or the exterior becomes visibly damaged. Still, there may be a number of little signs your windows are sending you that it’s time for a replacement. By choosing to replace your windows sooner rather than later you can protect your home, conserve energy, and even save some money. Here we will be discussing some of the more common signs to be on the lookout for when considering replacement windows for your home.

  1. Your Windows Often Become Jammed Open or Shut

The amount of effort it takes to open and shut your windows will often vary depending on the type of window you purchase. However, there’s a difference between your windows requiring a bit of effort and requiring a full blown workout. If your windows often become stuck in place to the point where you can no longer open or close them, this is a major sign that its time for a window replacement. Not only are jammed windows an inconvenience but they can also be a safety hazard as they have the potential to unexpectedly slam shut at any given moment.

  1. Your Energy Bills Continue to Rise

Often, the first priority for homeowners while shopping for new windows looking for energy efficiency, and for good reason. The quality of your windows can greatly influence the energy usage within your home. Over time, outdated windows can accumulate weather damage and begin to rot or mold. This exterior damage often leads to drafts that allow your heating and air conditioning to literally go out the window, thus raising your monthly electric bills. By replacing your windows with new energy efficient models you will find a drastic reduction in your monthly electric bill and will even reduce your carbon footprint!

  1. The Parts for Your Window are Difficult to Find

Does it become increasingly harder to find the replacement parts for your windows? Chances are the window model has been discontinued and the parts are no longer in circulation. As time passes, these parts will only become more expensive and difficult to find. It’s also important to keep in mind that there is likely a good reason why these windows were discontinued in the first place. Purchase new windows that require less upkeep and give up the manhunt for rare window parts!

If you can recognize one or more of the signs stated above in your home, it may be time to start shopping for your next replacement windows. Buying replacement windows can be a difficult project if you don’t know what to look for, which is why our expert team is here to assist you and provide you with a free estimate. To receive your estimate and speak with an expert today give us a call or visit us at any one of our three locations; Ventura County 805.984.5895, 1430 S Oxnard Blvd. Oxnard, California 93030,  Santa Barbara 805.564.7600, 534 N Milpas St. Santa Barbara, California 93103, or Malibu 310.456.3979.

Get Help Choosing Replacement Windows

You have decided you can’t go through another summer in Moorpark Valley, CA with your old, leaky windows. So much of your cold air is seeping through the cracks in the casings. And the old, crumbling framework isn’t doing you any favors. But where do you begin? We understand that deciding to get Agoura Hills, CA windows replacement can be an intimidating prospect. Just the thought or replacing all your windows might make you feel overwhelmed. Don’t worry! You are not alone.

With so much at stake, and so many options to consider, the best way to put your mind at ease is turning to Quality Windows for professional help. Trust us, don’t try to DIY this home improvement project. We can help remove all the stress and anxiety of replacement windows. Here are some of the things we consider when helping you choose windows.

Geographic Location

The climate is a huge factor in choosing replacement windows. This is where you want to look at the Energy Star rating. Typically you want a window with a Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC) of .040 or less and a U-factor of 0.30 or less. These replacements will keep your home cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.

Site Orientation

Have you ever considered how your home sits in relation to the sun’s trajectory? The rising and setting of the sun can also impact the types of windows you should choose. The last thing you want is late afternoon sun shining in while you are trying to watch television. Or, unwelcome morning light waking you up too early.


What purpose will the windows serve? Are you looking for better ventilation or would you rather open up a more expansive view? You can choose everything from sliders to ornamental picture windows depending on your needs. Generally, homes have a combination of styles, and with our collections, you are sure to find the right set of replacement windows.

Home’s Architectural Style

Your home has a unique style and design, and you want to choose replacement windows to match or enhance that esthetic. Traditional windows in a contemporary home will stick out like a sore thumb. We will also help you choose colors and mullions that enhance the interior and exterior of your home. If you are looking for a home makeover, you will be surprised how much replacement windows can change the look of your house.

Choosing Quality Windows for Window Replacement

That would be a lot to keep track of on your own. Fortunately, we have window specialists ready to help relieve your stress. With our free, in-home evaluation we can quickly assess what can be done. Our designers will not only help you choose stylish replacement windows, but also the right glass and materials to improve energy efficiency. Best of all, you will never have to deal with high-pressure sales tactics from our team of professionals. We are committed to quality service.

Still not sure about hiring professionals for replacement windows in Moorpark Valley, CA? Visit our online gallery. Or better yet, give is a call at 805-984-5895. Or visit our showroom at 1430 S Oxnard Blvd., Oxnard, California 93030 so you can see our products first hand.

Choosing Professional Repairs or Replacement Windows

window is drafty, worn out, broken, or inoperable? You have come to the right place. At Quality Windows we have many experts and a large selection of products on hand. We can meet the majority of your glass needs—immediately if necessary. Give us a call and we can perform a free, in-home assessment to determine which route will be best for you. Options include:

Glass Repairs

One of the most common repairs calls we get is for broken glass. Sharp edges make these types of accidents even more dangerous. Do not try and perform these repairs yourself. Instead, you should rely on our expert glaziers. They are available to repair damaged and broken windows in our shop or on-site. And we don’t just replace the glass in your windows. We can repair cabinet door glass, commercial storefronts, and windows, insulated or single pane glass, as well as patio doors and storm doors.

Window Screens

These wonderful screens allow you to open your windows for ventilation but keep the bugs from invading your space. They also cut down on unwanted sun exposure. It can be frustrating when a window screen is broken, slashed, or ill-fitted. If you are having trouble with your window screens you can call Quality Windows for a screen repair. We will send out a member of our team to measure and install new screens according to your specifications. We have several frame finishes you can choose from, as well as mesh materials. You might even consider solar or pet screens with puncture and tear-resistance.

24-Hour Emergency Board Up

Safety and security are one of our top priorities. If your windows suffer from natural disasters, vandalism, or accidents we provide a 24-hour emergency board up services. This means we will come down to your commercial or residential property and secure damaged windows and doors. Our team of experts will install a temporary board to keep you and your property safe. While on-site they will also take precise measurements for glass or window replacement. In most cases, depending on availability we can install the replacement window the same day.

Replacement Windows

In some cases, it is better to replace a window rather than repair it. This is especially true if the structure of the window has been damaged or compromised. If your old, leaky windows are more trouble than they are worth you should give us a call and we will talk about your options.

Benefits of Calling the Experts

When you call Quality Windows for repair or window replacement you benefit from:

  • Professional training
  • Professional grade tools
  • Precise measurements
  • Quick installation
  • Warranties on products and work

If you need repairs or are considering replacement windows Thousand Oaks, CA, call our office today at 805-984-5895. We can set up a time for a free, in-home consultation. Or you can come by our showroom at 1430 S Oxnard Blvd., Oxnard, California 93030 to discuss repair and replacement options.

Installing Replacement Windows in Your California Home: Not a DIY Project

DIY projects have become a way of life here in Agoura Hills, CA. We love to repurpose wine bottles into flowerpots and crates or pallets into hanging porch gardens. As a culture, we are obsessed with HGTV, Pinterest, Joanna and Chip Gaines and Magnolia Farms, DIY Network, Etsy… the list could go on and on. It makes sense. When the economy drops, people get creative! We are resilient and we should take pride in this resourcefulness. Why? DIY projects are often cost-saving, environmentally friendly, and fun.  Cheers, fellow DIY-ers!

When do we acknowledge the need for a professional, though? Here at Quality Windows & Doors, we want to provide you the realities of choosing your replacement windows project as the next DIY endeavor. This is not to say there is never a time to replace windows yourself, but as a team, we have seen too many replacement windows DIY projects gone wrong. We do not want this to happen to you!

So before you take the risk—exhilarating as it may feel, pre-project—consider the following deterrents regarding DIY replacement windows projects.


Skill set:
Be honest; do you have the skills required to replace your home’s windows? Have you held power tools at all before? Are you prepared for the amount of work this will undoubtedly require? Installing full replacement windows is very complex; much more so than installing insert replacement windows. If your heart is set on full replacement windows, call the professionals at Quality Windows & Doors.

Replacement windows are an enormous project. Consider the cost of materials: pry bar, waterproof shims, caulk gun, safety glass, power drill, screwdriver, ladder, etc. It adds up. Further, do you remember your first “DIY Project Gone Wrong?” They can be costly and take up a lot of time! The takeaway, from one DIY-er to another: choose projects which are doable, quick, and without the potential for financial upheaval. For example, you would not want to discover after a heavy California rain, that your replacement window project had “gone wrong,” correct? Obviously, this would be a costly problem. DIY projects are not insured. With Quality Windows & Doors, our work and products are insured. Your Agoura Hills home in safe with us.

Realistic Timeline
Do you work full time? Are you a stay-at-home parent? Are you in school? We are all busy with something. Evaluate your schedule. On average, a window replacement—for a professional—requires four to five hours of work per window on the ground level (potentially more per window upstairs). Do the math; do you have the time?

Our team here at Quality Windows & Doors wants to encourage our fellow DIY-ers—when it makes the best sense for them. When it comes to quality Agoura Hills, CA replacement windows project, please leave it to the professionals. We can’t wait to work with you!

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Oxnard, California 93030

Replacement Windows and Home Value Links

There are a number of things you can do to your home in Thousand Oaks, CA to raise its overall value. One of the items near the top of the list is to install replacement windows. Home improvements vary in terms of the return on the investment you put into the project. You want to get a return that is as close to 100% as possible. That would mean that every dollar you spend on the project, you will get a one-dollar increase in your home value. So how do replacement windows rate?

There are no guarantees when it comes to home improvement projects. You know remodeling your kitchen or bathroom is going to increase the value of your home, but there is no way to say you will increase its value for the exact amount you spend. The same can be true about replacement windows. You know the value of your home will rise significantly, but a lot of the value depends on the market and when you decide to sell.

So how do replacement windows in Thousand Oaks, CA affect the value of your home? Here are a few ways.


Replacement windows have a large effect on the perception people have of your home. If you are to put your home on the market, people will be looking at it from it with a trained eye. Curb appeal makes a big difference in how valuable your home appears. When people see replacement windows installed, they will believe the inside of the home will be valuable as well. Replacement windows can make an older home look modern and stylish in no time at all. Perception goes a long way to making your home appear desirable when it is on the market.

-Cost Savings

When potential buyers see replacement windows on the home, they know your home is more energy efficient than other options. That means they will save money on utilities and they like that. People are more willing to spend money to get upgraded items like replacement windows so they can keep their monthly bills down.

Research shows that you can expect an 80-90% return on your investment in replacement windows when you sell your Thousand Oaks, CA home. If you install the windows soon and don’t move until later, you can recuperate the rest of the money easily in utility savings.

If you are interested in replacement windows, come to the Quality Windows showroom at 1430 S Oxnard Blvd. Oxnard, California 93030 and start looking at the options we have available. Our professionals have decades of experience in the industry and know just what recommendations to make for each individual home. Spend a little time finding the right windows for your home in Thousand Oaks, CA and you will raise its value for when you sell and save money on utilities in the meantime. Give us a call today at 805-984-5895 and set up an appointment. We’ll go over your needs and customize the right windows for your home.

New Windows Can Make Cleaning Easier

There aren’t many people who actually enjoy cleaning. In fact, many homeowners complain that they have trouble keeping up with the cleaning tasks their home requires. There is always something to do and once you finish it all and turn around, you have to start all over again. There are only so many hours in a day and anything you can do to simplify the home cleaning process, you are likely to do. One thing you likely haven’t tried yet is to install new windows into your Ventura, CA home.

New windows on your home in Ventura, CA allow you a long list of benefits. You will gain energy efficiency, save on your utility bills, and have windows that look great and operate well. New windows also have design elements that allow for easy cleaning. You will save time and save effort on your home cleaning chores because of your new windows. Here are just three ways new windows make cleaning easier.

  1. No More Climbing Around Outside

Older windows require climbing ladders and hanging around outside your house in order to properly clean the windows. You can try to reach outside to clean the exterior of the windows, but it never works quite right. If you get the right new windows, you can swing them in and out or pop them into the house in order to give them a good, fast cleaning. You don’t have to get ladders or other tools out and you don’t even have to go outside.

  1. Cut Down on Dust

New windows will save you time on other chores in the house too. Because your new windows have a tight seal with no air leakage, they will help you maintain cleaner air in your home. That means you will have less dust to contend with. You won’t have to dust as often and when you do dust, you’ll sneeze less often. Instead of dusting every week, you can have a little bit of your free time back for other activities.

  1. Lower Maintenance

New windows made from vinyl materials require no maintenance at all. Every so often you can wash the frames down with soap and water, but otherwise, you have no additional chores on your list. The relief is easy to justify when you think about scraping, painting, and staining your own window frames just to try to make them look decent every year.

If you want to make cleaning easier, it’s simple enough to do. Just stop into the Quality Windows showroom at 1430 S Oxnard Blvd. Oxnard, California 93030 and start looking at the options we have available. Spend a little time finding the right windows in Ventura, CA and you can spend a lot less time on cleaning as soon as the installation process is complete. Give us a call today at 805-984-5895 and set up an appointment. We’ll go over your needs and customize the right windows for your home.