Do You Need New Windows? Let These Questions Judge!

If you find yourself wondering if you need new windows for your home in Camarillo, CA, you’re in luck! There are many signs that show you whether or not you need new windows. All you have to do is ask yourself these questions and the answer will become obvious!

Are they damaged?

 If the glass is damaged or the frame is warped and peeling and the damage is irreparable and not covered by any warranties, chances are replacing the windows is your best and only option. After the window gets damaged, it is a matter of time before the elements damage the frame further. If the damage is recent, replace the window sooner rather than later to tackle the issues before they get worse. Give Quality Windows and Doors a call and we will help you diagnose your damage and recommend the right windows for you.

 Are you feeling drafts?

 Your windows should allow you to see the view, but they should not allow you to feel the outside air. If you have bugs getting in and drafty air, you need to consider replacement. Look around the window frames and see if there is any damage or rot. If they are at all soft to the touch or cracking or showing other signs of wear, you need to replace then right away. Minor issues can grow quickly if you don’t attend do them. When you get a new window, make sure it is one that will stand up against the test of time and the California weather.

 Is the temperature control in your home out of control?

 If you are always cranking the AC down during the hot summer months because the air in your home never seems to be cool enough, it could very well be because of the windows. The hot muggy air should be outside, but if you don’t have good windows, you are letting it in and your air-conditioned air out. High-quality windows from Quality Windows and Doors will save you a ton of energy and you will notice a difference on your utility bills too.

 Are they outdated?

 Having the latest style is always nice and aesthetics is important to the overall look in your home. But having older windows are more than just a design issue. They could be a safety hazard too. Older windows don’t always meet current codes and can be fire hazards. Think about the functions of the windows, if you ever needed to open them and escape, could you? If not, they are too outdated to be of any use to you.

 Do they give you poor performance?

If you have trouble opening and closing your windows, replace them! Windows should function properly and you should be able to allow fresh California air through the house when you want it.

If you see your new windows Camarillo, CA in these questions and you want new ones for your home in Camarillo, CA, call Quality Windows and Doors at 805-984-5895. Or you can stop by our showroom and see examples at 1430 S Oxnard Blvd, Oxnard, California 93030.

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