Types of Replacement Windows

Replacing the windows in your home is something no homeowner looks forward to doing, but if you live in a home long enough, the project will come around eventually. The good news is that replacement windows can lower your utility bills and raise the value of your home. The bad news is you have to make a lot of decisions before you move forward with the project. Use this guide to help you decide what type of replacement windows are best for your home in Agoura Hills, CA.

Window Materials

Windows are made from a variety of different items or a combination of materials. You might think the materials that cost more offer more weather protection, but that is not true. Replacement windows carry significant price tags, but you usually get your money back in energy savings in the long run. Here are the options for window materials.


Wood is one of the most popular window materials, especially for the interior portion. Wood usually comes unfinished so it can be finished in any manner you see fit. You can paint it, stain it or finish it in another manner. Some windows come pre-painted in standard colors. The color is easy enough to change later if you want to re-do the window.


Many wooden windows feature wood inside the home and clad on the outside. The cladding comes in stock colors that don’t scratch and remain maintenance free. These types of windows give you the beauty of wood outside and the protection of a maintenance free cover outside.


Aluminum windows are more durable than wood and they are also thinner and lighter, which makes them easier to install. However, these types of windows are not as well insulated. While they can help reduce heat loss and condensation above older windows, they are not as good at keeping utility bills down as other materials.


Vinyl windows are made from impact resistant material that is resistant to heat loss and condensation. Vinyl material is the least expensive but offers the highest level of insulation. These windows are maintenance free and never have to be painted or stained.

Window Glass Options

As you continue looking at replacement windows, you will find that there are a number of different glass options on the market to consider as well. Take a look at the choices and compare them to your needs.

-Low-E Glass

Low-E glass has a glazing that is applied to one or both sides of the glass. Sometimes the glazing is also suspended between the panes of glass. The coating allows light to come in but blocks harmful UV rays. It can also keep the home cooler on hot days.

-Tinted Glass

The glass is generally tinted gray or bronze and reduced the glare from the strong California sun. It limits the amount of light and heat that comes into the home.

-Safety Glass

Tempered glass is heat-treated so it will crumble if it breaks instead of shattering. Safety glass is a good addition in a home with children who might break the windows.

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