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Customizing Vinyl Windows with Window Treatments

Once you choose to install vinyl windows into your home, you automatically see higher levels of energy efficiency and comfort. But you might want to take things a step further and customize each room in your house with the right window coverings. Custom replacement windows can sometimes let in too much light and you need privacy at night as well. How do you choose window treatments to go with your new vinyl windows in Ventura, CA? Keep reading for some great tips.

Decide on the Room’s Purpose

One of the first things that will help you cover those vinyl windows properly is the overall purpose of the room. If you are installing coverings in a media room where you watch movies, you want something that will shut out all of the light. If you have a child that sleeps during the day at times, you want to be able to block light from that room as well. On the other hand, you never want all of the light excluded from the kitchen so you might want something lighter there.

Consider Types of Windows

The types of the vinyl windows you are covering also makes a big difference. A bay or bow window is a different store from a casement window, right? The windows have specific functions that require certain coverings. Bay windows you might want to leave mostly open with a simple light valance that doesn’t take away from the beauty of the window. Casement windows can be completely covered up without a problem.

Choose Heaviness Based on Light

It’s always nice to have the option of natural light in your room. Your new vinyl windows do a great job of offering you the light you need. But at times, that Ventura, CA sun can be overbearing and you need to block it out. Think about choosing coverings based on the amount of light you want to keep out of the room. If the window doesn’t receive the full sun, maybe a sheer covering is enough to filter the light and give you privacy. If the window gets the entire hot sunlight in the afternoon, you may want something like shutters that can block that light out entirely and keep your home cool.

When it comes to window coverings, there are plenty of options to consider. Before you get that far, work with Quality Windows on replacing your windows with vinyl windows Ventura. We’ll ensure that you have nothing but high quality options from which to choose, complete with a professional installation job. Give us a call today at 805-564-7600 and we’ll set up a free consultation for you. It’s fun to start thinking about window covering options for your new windows, but take your time. Enjoy your new vinyl windows first and go from there! Stop by our showroom and see the options we supply. We’re located at 534 N Milpas St, Santa Barbara, CA 93103 and we’re happy to show you around our vinyl windows.

Spotting Faulty Ads For Windows

If you are interested in new windows, you have a lot of options on your plate. As you start to look into the process, ads that before went unnoticed suddenly pop out at you. Even though you might notice the ads around Ventura, CA, when it comes to windows, you have to be very careful about deals that are too good to be true. Take a look at a few common window ads so you know how to spot faulty deals.

“All Windows are $189, Any Size!”

When a company advertises that every window is the same price, the price is likely not accurate. Either they will simply charge you more for installation, making the window cost much more than you planned, or they will not do a quality job installing the window in the first place. So when you see an ad of this nature, make sure you find out more about the fine print. Ask the window company how the windows are installed. What kind of windows are they? What is the warranty like? And what type of glass is used? When you get the final cost, you will understand the initial ad is too good to be true.

“Windows Include Free Installation!”

There aren’t many things in life that are free. This sounds like a good deal, right? But what is the price tag on the windows? It’s possible that the windows are much more costly than they should be and that’s why installation is free. Or, perhaps the installers don’t know what they are doing and their services aren’t really worth paying for. You’re much better off finding a reputable dealer who will charge you the price for the windows that is fair along with installation charges that reflect the job that you’re getting.

Finding the Real Deal

It’s easy enough to understand how confusing it is when you are looking into where to buy replacement windows. Advertising is tricky and you never know what you can and can’t believe. But when it comes to finding the real deal on windows, you can visit with new windows Ventura. At Quality Windows, we believe in quality windows so much that we even put the word in our company name. Not only are our windows high in quality, but you can also count on our installations. Windows work best when they are installed properly and you can rest assured that you’ll get every ounce of good from your windows when we install them.

So forget about all the ads that sound too good to be true and call Quality Windows at 805-564-7600 to set up your free consultation. You’ll quickly learn that we’re not too good to be true! We’ll shoot it to you straight and answer any of your questions in an honest, upfront manner. We won’t try to gouge you on prices later and we won’t tell you that your house needs something it doesn’t. Stop by our showroom today at 534 N Milpas St, Santa Barbara, CA 93103.

Determining the Cost of Custom Window Replacement

It may be easy enough for you to figure out that you need new windows. If you have single pane windows that are sad looking and rather drafty, it’s time for new windows. However, determining what your budget should be for the project can be a bit tougher. You want to get quality windows in Ventura, CA, but how much will you have to spend? Let’s take a look at some of the determining factors when it comes to custom window replacement projects.

Windows + Installation = Cost

Whether you’re good at math or not, you know the windows you purchase aren’t all involved in the cost of custom window replacement. You also have to pay for the installation of the product you choose. When you add those two elements together, then you will get your final cost. However, there are a lot of details that go into the windows themselves and what custom window replacement will end up costing.


The size of the window will, of course, help determine the price. When you buy a large drink, it usually costs more than a small drink, right? The same is true for your windows. Larger windows cost more. So if you are getting a huge picture window, it will cost more than a smaller picture window.

Interior/Exterior Color

If you are going for custom window replacement, that means you get to choose the colors of the windows both on the inside and the outside of your home. Sometimes, windows come in a certain color. If you are getting vinyl windows for example, they come standard in certain colors. If you want a custom order with a certain color, that will cost extra as well.

Glass Options

There are a variety of different glass options for your new windows. Of course, you want at least double pane glass, but some homeowners in Ventura, CA go for triple pane glass to further insulate their homes. You can have air fillings between the panes or you can go with the more energy efficient option of argon glass. You can also get low-e coatings to keep the UV rays out of your home. The options are yours, but any upgrades cost more.

Hardware Finishes

When you get custom window replacement, you even get to choose the hardware, but some hardware costs more than others so that will determine at least a little bit of the final cost as well.


The cost of the custom window installation will largely be determined by the company you work with. You don’t want a company that gives you a low ball offer only to leave you with a less than stellar installation job. When you contact Quality Windows, you get nothing but the best when it comes to windows and installation.

Call Quality Windows about your custom Ventura windows replacement project at 805-564-7600 and we’ll set up a free consultation. Or, you can stop by our showroom and check out what we have to offer at 534 N Milpas St, Santa Barbara, CA 93103.

Fall Window Cleaning Tips

After the summer heat in Thousand Oaks, CA gives way to fall and temperatures back off a bit, it’s time to think about cleaning and maintenance that you may have neglected when it was too hot outside. Fall is a great time to take on a number of tasks because summer is often busy and things pile up and back up on you. There are plenty of home maintenance items that seem like drudgery, but they have to be done no matter how boring you feel they are. If they are left alone too long, you might have even more to do to catch up. Here are a few items to pay attention to this fall.

Window Screen Cleaning

Even if you clean your windows, if you don’t clean the screens, you won’t get a clear view. Plus, when you open the windows, the dirty screens could blow all sorts of things into your house. Most screens are easy to remove so you can take them out and prop them up against the house. Then, spray them down with a hose and scrub them with a soft brush. Spray them down again, let them dry, and put them back up. You might want to leave them sitting under the window they belong to or mark them so you don’t get them mixed up.

Window Cleaning

When you are cleaning screens, it’s a good time to get the windows good and clean as well. You will want to clean the glass with cleaner and a soft cloth. If you have vinyl windows, wipe them down as well with soap and water. If you have wood windows, you may have to paint and scrape the frames in order to make them look new. With double-hung windows, you can stay inside your house and just tilt the windows in to clean the exterior glass. With casement windows, crank them open as far as they go and you should be able to reach much of the outside from inside your home as well.

Assess Windows

When you are cleaning your windows this fall, it’s a great time to assess how they are doing on your home. Are any of them cracked or broken? Are they all easy to open and close? Have you felt any drafts over the summer when you want to keep the hot air out? Think about how well your windows are holding up and if they’re a bit too old and broken down for comfort, consider replacement windows instead of cleaning them. Replacement windows come clean and you don’t have to worry about any other issues with them! Contact Quality Windows at 805-984-5895 to talk about Thousand Oaks, CA replacement windows and your options. You can also stop by our showroom at 1430 S Oxnard Blvd, Oxnard, CA 93030 to see the quality replacement windows we offer. We carry nothing but quality, which is why we call ourselves Quality Windows in the first place! You can rest assured that windows from us are nothing but quality products!