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How To Remove Windows From Your House

Removing windows may seem like a relatively easy task, but the process can be a lot more involved than meets the eye. It is important to be extremely careful when you are removing windows from your home. Carelessly removing windows from your home can lead to window frame damage—complicating the installation process and increasing window replacement costs.

To properly remove windows from your home, follow these steps:

Window Removal Step #1:
Use a utility knife to cut around the window casing and the interior wall. Next, separate the casing from the reveal board.

Window Removal Step #2:
Now you must pry up or remove the siding around the window to access the nails that attach the window to the house. Take precautions not to damage the siding or else you will have to replace it, too.

Window Removal Step #3:
Remove the caulk from around the window and use a hammer or cat’s paw to pry out the nails holding the window in place. Once the nails are removed, carefully pull the window out of the frame.

Window Removal Step #4
Once the old window is out of place, you’ll want to make sure the opening is level and square. Measure all sides of the window opening including corner-to-corner measurements. Once these measurements are taken, you are ready to order your new window. Never order new windows until you have taken exact measurements. If you are ordering custom made windows and measure incorrectly, this can be a very costly error!