Replacement Window Vocabulary 101

Buying replacement windows for your Ventura, CA home are a big investment. It is important to carefully determine the type of replacement windows that are best for your specific home and needs. There are so many materials, styles and companies to choose from, these decisions can be a challenge. Because windows are not replaced frequently, most consumers are not familiar with some of the industry vocabulary they may encounter while tackling the search. The following are some jargon you may come across as you search for your new replacement windows.

Air Chambers:  Air chambers are the spaces between the frame and the sash that help strengthen and insulate the window.

Argon Gas Fill:  This is an option for new replacement windows. Argon gas is odorless, colorless, gas that is non-toxic. The gas is 6 times denser than air. Argon gas is used in windows as a replacement for the air between the two panes as a way of reducing the transfer of temperature.

Double Hung Window: Double hung windows are those with two sashes that operate vertically

Energy Star: Energy Star is a program created by the United States government that has established a set of standards regarding energy efficiency of different products, including windows.

Jamb: The jamb is the vertical sections in the main frame of the window.

Low-E Insulating Glass: Low E Insulating Glass has a metallic, transparent coating applied to it. The coating reflects infrared energy so the damaging rays from the sun are prevented from passing through. The coating increases the U-value of the window.

R-Value:   R-Value is the measure of the resistance that the material has to the flow of heat. Higher R-values equate to greater resistance.

Sash:  The sash is the portion of the window where the glass is contained.

Shading Coefficient:  Shading coefficient is the ratio of heat that transfers through the glazing material, lower numbers mean that the window is more efficient ant reducing gains from solar heat,

Sill: The sill is the bottom area of the window’s main frame.

Sill Extender:  A sill also known as the apron, this is attached to the bottom of the window to cover the gap between the sill and the opening.

Single Hung:  Single hung windows are those that have only one sash that slides.

Spacer:  The spacer is the material that is between the glass as a way to maintain the uniform width of the glass and the sealant distortion.

U-Value:  The U-Value is the amount of heat that is transferred through the material. Lower U-values mean that the heat flow is slower and the insulating quality is higher.

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