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Fleetwood Windows

Manufacturing modern style windows and doors for luxury homes since 1961

In 1961, Fleetwood started manufacturing modern style doors and windows for elite luxury homes. Allegiance to architectural integrity and our passionate, meticulous refinement of “the little things” has positioned Fleetwood as the only specialist in this market niche.

Our design and manufacturing philosophy is uniquely Fleetwood. Others make good products, but we purpose to manufacture products with quality similar to fine furniture.

We strive to emulate the core tenets that make the United States of America the greatest country in the world. We proudly build the American dream of success with gratitude to God, a culture of honest hard work, and a relentless pursuit to “build it better,” not faster.

Fleetwood is proud to offer a complete array of aluminum window and door products


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Why is Fleetwood Better than Product X?

Fleetwood’s design and manufacturing philosophy is unique. Others make good products, but we purpose to make products with quality similar to fine furniture. If good is not good enough, we invite you to explore our website, visit a showroom, and carefully investigate self-proclaimed equals.


The Series 4800-T was designed at the request of elite luxury architects. Gorgeous homes were forced to use commercial window systems to handle the performance loads of large glass facades. The craftsmanship of such systems would pale in comparison to the Fleetwood products in every other opening. The Series 4800-T can span enormous openings without compromising fit and finish.


We designed the Series 3800-T fixed window-wall system as an alternative to commercial storefront. Designers and building professionals appreciate the sleek lines and scale of commercial storefront BUT prefer factory built systems because of the many benefits listed below. The Series 3800-T provides the sightline benefits of storefront with all the advantages of a factory built product.