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Signs That Replacement Windows Were Poorly Installed

When you get replacement windows in Ventura, CA, you are going to want to get quality products that are energy efficient. However, some people try to save money at the end of the project and have the windows installed by a friend or neighbor. If you go that route, there are dangers involved. Here are some of the signs that you have windows that were installed poorly.

1-Air Leaks

New windows should be air tight and they shouldn’t let the outside in. The air leaks were probably a problem with the old windows, but the new windows should have taken care of that issue. Instead, if you have air leaks again, in different windows or in the same places, that could very well mean that you don’t have the properly installed windows that you wanted. If the windows were quality when you bought them, it’s likely the installation that botched the job.

2-Visible Gaps

Your windows should look like they are flush against the house. If you can visibly see gaps between the window frames and the house, that’s not a good thing at all. Professional installers will never leave a window like that and when there are gaps, that means airflow can happen and water can even get in to cause damage. You shouldn’t see anything but fresh, new windows when they are installed properly.


New windows, again, are nice and tight against the house. They shouldn’t rattle and when you open them, they shouldn’t squeak or groan. New windows should be absolutely silent and if you hear noises coming from them at any time, it could very well be because things weren’t installed right. It’s a sign that things aren’t quite right and that’s not a good thing for your home.

4-Difficult Operation

Your old windows might have been hard to open and close, but once they are newly installed, the brand new products should open and close like a dream. If you are still having trouble operating the windows, that’s an issue that you need to address. It’s not the windows—they’re brand new. It’s the installation.

replacement windows in Ventura, CA

5-Less Than Pro Installation

Any time you have a less than professional installation done on your new windows, you could have issues with the performance of those windows. You need installers with lots of experience and a guarantee behind them. You are going to want installers who have a company standing behind them, willing to fix anything that has gone wrong. Most likely, nothing will go wrong, but if you notice something off, they’ll come back on their time and on their dime.

If you want replacement windows in Ventura, CA installed onto your home right, the professionals at Quality Windows & Doors want to help you with the process from start to finish. You can get the windows your home deserves and you can also get the installation that will complete the job in the right manner. Professionals come with guarantees and on a project this big, that’s important.

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Replace Windows Before Winter?

There are many times of the year that work well for getting replacement windows in Santa Barbara, CA. In fact, the best time to get new windows is whenever you need them, no matter what season happens to be in place at that time. Many homeowners would rather not get new windows installed during the winter months because of the weather. You can avoid that need by replacing the windows now, during the fall. Here are a few reasons why you might want to replace the windows for sure before the winter months.

Insects Are Infesting

You know the insects may die off in the winter, but if they have swarmed your house over the summer and fall months, that’s not a good sign for your windows. They are getting in somehow and the windows may very well be allowing them through. You might have them inside, or perhaps they are just chewing on the windows outside. Either way, the windows are letting it happen because of disrepair or old age. Replace them and you can keep those pests at bay.

Areas Of The House Are Drafty

You feel the draft and you know what it means. It’s only going to get worse when winter hits and the air outside is cooler than normal. You didn’t like the hot drafts in the summer and you definitely won’t like the cool drafts in the winter. You can stop those drafts before winter hits by getting new windows installed during the fall months.

Water Is Getting Through

You don’t want drafts in your house, but you also don’t want water to get through. If you are feeling drafts, it’s quite possible that there’s water coming in, too. You may see water damage on your walls and who knows what is between the walls. There could be mold and that’s downright dangerous. If you have water coming into your house, you are going to want to get replacement windows if you can’t fix the issue with repairs.

replacement windows in Santa Barbara, CA

The Home Is A Safety Hazard

There are things that old windows can do to your house that actually causes it to be a more dangerous place to live. You want a safe place for your family and with winter coming, there’s no better time than now to figure out what you can do to make things more secure. If windows won’t open and close, for example, that’s a safety hazard. You can’t get out if an emergency happens and that’s a big deal. Get new windows so you don’t have that concern over the winter months, just in case.

When you are thinking about getting replacement windows in Santa Barbara, CA this fall, you can talk to the professionals at Quality Windows & Doors about whether or not it’s in your best interest to go ahead before winter hits. We’re here to offer you a free consultation and we’ll give you advice about what we would do if your home were ours. There’s no pressure to move ahead at any time.

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Important Factors In Replacement Windows

When you are ready to get replacement windows in Simi Valley, CA, there are plenty of things you might consider. You are going to want to think about the important factors upfront so you have your priorities set up just right. Here are many of the things you will want to keep in mind as you move forward with your choices.

Choose The Style You Want

You want your windows to look new and fresh, and they will no matter what they choose. But the style you pick is going to impact the look of your home as a whole as well as the look of the windows themselves. Think about the style that you want your house to have, what will look best, and what will function nicely with your home as well. The style is going to mean a lot to you over the years and since windows last for a long time, this is an important decision to make.

Figure In Materials

Materials are one of the first things you will think over and decide about when you get new windows. There are several choices to make and most people today go with vinyl, but that option isn’t for everyone. The materials you get are going to make a difference in energy efficiency, appearance, and in many other ways. When you think about the materials with care, get something in your budget, and something that will work well, you will be happy later on.

Consider Glass Options

Windows come standard with certain things, like double pane glass and air fillings. But you can upgrade those items, if you want, to be better for your home all the way around. You could add a third pane of glass, for example, to insulate the home better against outside noise. You might also add low-E coatings to the glass, which can block the heat of the sun while letting the light through. Or, you could ask for inert gas fillings between the panes instead of air so you are able to insulate the home well without allowing air to flow through the glass.

Pricing Is Always Key

You aren’t going to get the right windows if what you choose isn’t within your price range. It’s important to have a budget in place and let the window providers know what you want to spend upfront so you are able to find windows you can afford and that will work well for your home.

replacement windows in Simi Valley, CA

Quality And Efficiency Come First

Above everything else, you are going to want quality and efficiency in your windows. Anything you can afford to do to make the windows more efficient, you should do. And you want quality windows that are going to last so you aren’t spinning your wheels.

The professionals will help you to find replacement windows in Simi Valley, CA that works well for your home and budget and everything in between. Contact Quality Windows & Doors for a free in-home consultation and you can go from there.

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Replacement Window Installation And Your Kids

One of the many reasons you might want to get replacement windows in Ventura, CA for your home is to keep your children safe. You want them to be comfortable and safe at all times and if there are leaky windows in your house, the temperature fluctuates wildly. Plus, you might not be able to keep the energy bills under control, which is never easy when you have expenses relating to your child. Once you decide to take steps and choose the windows you want for your home, you will then have to go through the installation process. What can you do to keep your kids safe during that process? Here are a few tips to help you with the end part of the project.

Let Them In On The Details

Kids are curious and they have tons of questions. Before the installers arrive, you might want to tell your children what’s going on and what they can expect from the day. If they are going to be home, let them know there’s going to be dust flying around and loud noises happening. They should also know there will be strangers in the house, but that they will be working and are not there to play. Your kids need to be polite to them, but also stay out of their way so they are out of harm’s way and will let the installers do their job.

Make Other Plans For Your Kids

While you don’t have to be in the house during the installation process, the installers do prefer that if it’s possible. If they run into any issues, you are there for them to talk to about how to proceed and that can speed up the process. If you want to be there, but you are concerned about your child’s nap or them getting in the way or perhaps being afraid of the noise, you might want to make other plans for them on installation day. Have a neighbor, a friend or a family member watch them for the day and you might both be in a better place.

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Keep Them Busy

If your child is going to be around while the installers work, try to keep them busy so they are distracted from the action in the house. Take them outside to ride bikes. Read in another room. Do some crafts and play some games. It’s wise to keep your child busy and out of the installers’ way so they won’t be in any danger and the workers can get the job done efficiently.

When you are ready to get replacement windows in Ventura, CA for the good of your family and your whole house, the last step is the installation process. You will want to think about how your kids fit into the day and how you can keep them safe and happy while the process is being completed. The professionals at Quality Windows & Doors are here to help you by choosing and installing the windows you want for your house.

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Classic Window Trends You Can Trust

There are lots of things you are going to want to consider before you get too deep into the process of getting replacement windows in Santa Barbara, CA. You know there are trends in lots of different industries and the same is true for windows. You want to get something that is in style, but since windows are going to be on your house for decades, you want something classic that won’t go off-trend in the coming years. There are some trends that come and go and others that are popular but are also around to stay. Here are a few classic trends you can trust and put on your windows with peace of mind.

Energy Efficient Elements

Anything you can do to make your windows more energy efficient, you should do. New windows are often efficient even if they are standard options, but there are things you can do to ensure that efficiency. For one thing, keep an eye on the ratings labels and ensure that the windows are going to give you the performance you want. You will also want to consider upgrades that will let you get even more efficiency from the windows. Match the upgrades to your home’s needs and you can really get energy efficiency to write home about.

Bay or Bow Window Styles

There are lots of classic window styles that won’t go off-trend, like double hung and casement windows. While you might want those windows for most of the spots you have available in the house, if you have a good spot for a bay or bow window, that is also something that can add elegance to your home and won’t go off trend. These windows bring lots of light into the home, allow you a better view, and offer more space as well as architectural interest.

Larger Windows Are Better

Older homes often have smaller windows. That’s just how they used to run. But today, larger windows are all the rage so if you can do anything to make your windows bigger, you might want to consider doing that. You can add windows to window banks or you can make current windows larger on the wall where you have the space. It’s a great way to bring in more light and allow you to have heightened value as well.

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Black or White Are Popular Colors

White has always been the most popular color for window frames and that’s not going to change any time soon. Even if another color takes on the market as ‘most popular,’ white is still going to look great with any color, which makes it a classic choice. You can get white frames and you never have to worry. Black is another popular and classic color. It gives a great contrast, which is a very trendy thing to do right now with replacement windows in Santa Barbara, CA. If you want more examples of window trends that are going to stick around, contact Quality Windows & Doors for more information.

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Missteps In Getting Windows

It’s a big decision to decide to move forward and get replacement windows in Simi Valley, CA. New windows are a big investment and it takes time and effort to get the project done. But if your house really needs new windows, it’s a good idea to move ahead. One thing you don’t want to do is make any mistakes that you will regret later. Plenty of people take the project on, take a wrong step, and the project ends up not working out quite as they’d hoped. Here are some of those wrong steps and how you can avoid them.

Misstep 1: Not Researching Providers

You need to know that the people you are working with are reputable and highly experienced. That can take some time, research, and phone calls as well as company visits. You will want to know that the provider you are working with is going to steer you down the right paths and not be a company that is trying to upsell you. Ask for references, make sure they are licensed and insured, and go through the motions to feel good about the professionals you are trusting with this important process.

Misstep 3: Choosing A Bad Installer

Once you choose a company to help you get the windows, you can also make a mistake in choosing the wrong installer toward the end of the process. Bad installers, or anyone less than an absolute professional, can take your quality windows, install them wrong, and then, you won’t get the results you want from those windows. You also will void out the manufacturer’s warranty, which won’t help you down the road if something else goes wrong that it might have covered. It’s essential to have professional installation, even if it does cost more.

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Misstep 3: Making Decisions on Price Alone

While your budget is (and should be) an important part of the process, you are going to want to avoid making decisions on the windows based on price alone. If you have a limited budget, you might be tempted to find the cheapest windows you can get and go with them. However, if they aren’t quality windows and don’t have good ratings labels you’ll be disappointed in what they bring to your home. Look at prices, of course, but also make decisions based on ratings labels and other items.

There are lots of other steps that you could take down the wrong path when you are trying to get replacement windows in Simi Valley, CA and the professionals at Quality Windows & Doors can help you avoid those mistakes. We want you to understand that we are on your side from start to finish. We want the best for your home and we will help you stay on budget, whatever you decide to set.

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Sliding Glass Doors And Replacement Windows

When you are ready to get replacement windows in Ventura, CA, there are other changes you might want to do in your home as well. For example, some people like to replace the windows and the doors at the same time. That way, the home is completely sealed up and can give you the highest level of efficiency possible. When you get new windows, you might also consider getting that sliding glass door installed that you have always wanted. Here are some good things about those products.

Outside Access

It’s nice to be able to access the outdoors with ease. Perhaps you have a deck or patio off the back of your house and having a sliding glass door leading to that area could really help you enjoy it that much more. You can open the door and move in and out with ease.

They Are The Same Age

If your old doors are the same age as your old windows, they probably need to be replaced just as badly as the windows do. It’s a good time to get something new in that area, including the sliding glass door. You only have to go through the process once and you can get products that go well together.

Enjoy More Natural Light

Sliding glass doors are like having a floor-to-ceiling window. They’re tall, they’re wide, and they bring in a lot of natural light. You can enjoy a space that looks larger, more open, and welcoming all at the same time. You can control that light by putting low-E glass on the doors, which will block the heat of the sun, but let the light through. You can also put vertical blinds on the doors as well to block light when you want darkness.

Ventilate Easier

Windows are all over the house and you might not spend a lot of time opening and closing them. But the sliding glass door is easy to access and simple to throw open when you want to ventilate a certain area of the house. You can have a screen door on the sliding glass door as well so you can let the air through and keep bugs and other pests out.

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Get Matching Products

When you replace the windows and the sliding glass door at the same time, you can get a better deal for buying more products at once. You can also match the products up so you get things that look nice together. When you get everything at once, it’s nice to know that you can streamline the home in that way.

When the time comes to get replacement windows in Ventura, CA, it can be a good time to get sliding glass doors at the same time. The professionals at Quality Windows & Doors can help you with new windows, new doors, or both. You can give us a call for a free consultation and we can assess your home, go over your goals, and help you move your project forward from there.

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Upgrades For Window Replacement Goals

If you feel like your home is going to need replacement windows in Santa Barbara, CA soon, you might start looking into the options on the market. It’s a good idea to start with basic, standard windows and upgrade from there. Once you find quality windows, even if that’s all you can afford, you have something worthwhile and nice in your home. But if you get some upgrades, you are going to want to match them with both your home’s needs and your overall budget. Here are some of the possible upgrades and what types of homes can use them to get the best results.

Inert Gas Fillings Enhance Efficiency

If your home sits in a breezy area, you might know that casement windows are a good idea. These windows crank out and when they are closed, they blow tighter against the home. If you already have casement windows, get them again. If you have double hung, you might want to make a switch. But you can also enhance your home’s energy efficiency by considering inert gas fillings between the double pane glass. There’s a space there that is usually filled with air, but if you get a lot of wind, inert gas is denser and can slow that airflow down and keep the breeze from getting through your glass.

Low-E Glass Blocks Heat

In this area of the country, the sun can get rather intense and hot. While you want natural lighting in your home, you don’t want too much sun because it means a lot of heat will come in, too. If you live in an area that brings a lot of sun into your home, or if you’d like to have natural lighting through this window replacement project, but you are worried about the heat, consider low-E glass coatings. This coating reflects the heat of the sun back outside so you can let in as much light as you want and you won’t get the heat that usually comes with it.

replacement windows in Santa Barbara, CA

Triple Pane Glass Insulates And Blocks Noise

If you live on a street that has a lot of traffic, kids, dogs, or other noise you don’t want to hear when you are trying to relax, you might consider triple pane glass. This type of glass is harder to break, which is nice to prevent accidents, but it can also insulate your home, make it more efficient, and block out the noise from outside that you don’t want to hear. It’s a great upgrade because it gives you so many benefits all with just one upgrade.

When you are looking into replacement windows in Santa Barbara, CA, standard windows are high in quality, but you can enhance what they do for your home by adding upgrades that match your home’s needs. Look at your budget and see what you can afford and talk to the professionals at Quality Windows & Doors to get recommendations as to what might work best for your home. Start with a free consultation.

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Reasons To Replace Coverings And Windows At Once

If your home needs a lot of work and you are committed to doing it, there are some projects that can work well together. Two such projects are getting replacement windows in Simi Valley, CA, and pairing those with new window coverings. These projects are convenient when you do them together and the results of doing them at once can really blow your house away in a good way. Here are some of the reasons to put these two things into one category of work for your home projects.

The Coverings Are Already Down

When you get new windows installed, one of the things you have to do before the installers arrive is taken down the old window coverings. Since the coverings are down and out of the way, if you want to get something new to go over the new windows, the timing makes good sense. You already have the coverings down and you can just put the new ones up over the windows once they are installed. Otherwise, you have to take them down again later to put up whatever you got that is new, which can be a pain.

They Work Together In Efficiency Levels

New Windows are going to do a lot to the efficiency of your home. Likewise, new window coverings can do a lot for your home’s efficiency. When you have one or the other, it’s nice that you get decent results. However, if you have both at the same time, those elements are going to work together and really help you to get what you need from the project. You have windows and coverings that work together in such a way that you get efficiency beyond what you would even expect.

Get All The Installations Out Of The Way

Window installation is a messy, noisy job. It only takes a day or maybe two to complete so you can handle that. When you get coverings immediately after, you are able to get both installations out of the way and behind you within the same week. You are left with nothing but the great results you wanted. You don’t have to separate things and deal with more installations that way.

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Give The Home A Fresh Look Altogether

You want your home to look nice and when you have new windows and then new coverings put on all in the same timeframe, you will totally change the look and feel of your home, both inside and out. There aren’t many projects that change the appearance of your home from both sides at the same time, but these two certainly can, especially when paired together.

If you are in the market for replacement windows in Simi Valley, CA and you feel like you need new window coverings at some point as well, placing those two things together can really help you get the results you want. The professionals at Quality Windows & Doors can get you started on the new windows with a free consultation.

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Should You Get Replacement Windows With Other Renovations?

Home renovations can be costly and as the homeowner, you get to decide what you do and when you do it. There might be certain things that you want to do, but you can also pair a few things together that make the outcome that much better. Getting replacement windows in Ventura, CA with some of the things you want to do can help you to enhance the home to its fullest. Here are some of the renovations you might consider and how to pair those things with new windows.

Replacing The Siding

Siding can fade and rot over time and there’s no way around the fact that it needs to be replaced at that time. If you let it continue, the rot can spread, and perhaps it has even spread into the windows. When you replace the siding, if you see similar damage on the windows, they need to go as well. If they are the same age as the windows, you might want to do both projects at the same time. Your house is going to look like a whole new place to live with the exterior revolutionized in that way.

Changing The Living Room

Your living room is the center of your home and it might be the place where your family gathers. You want it to be comfortable and homey so you can enjoy movie nights and games with those most important to you. When you rearrange things and put in some new furniture and colors, you might also want to think about putting some new windows in. Replacing what you have now can bring in more light and help you to ventilate the space. You can even put in something different that enhances the space even more.

Renovating The Kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of any home and the lighting you get can really help you to make the space look larger and more welcoming. If you put in new counters, floors, and other things, the windows, if they are old, might be out of place. You can even add windows if you don’t already have any. The renovation can help you to put the whole kitchen in the center of the home, where it belongs.

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Updating The Bathroom

The bathroom needs privacy and it can be hard to accomplish that with windows in place as well. But when you put a window high up on the wall, it can bring in the natural light you want in that space and give you privacy at the same time. You could also consider a skylight to help you with that problem.

There are plenty of things you can do with replacement windows in Ventura, CA when you are renovating other areas of the house. Consider talking to the professionals at Quality Windows & Doors about some of the goals you have for the renovation project and see if new windows fit into the grand scheme of your plans and the budget you have for the process.