10 Signs It’s Time to Purchase Replacement Windows

While remodeling your home, often your windows can go overlooked. Most homeowners stay with the original windows that came with their home. What those homeowners don’t know is that their outdated windows can actually be costing them money as time goes on. Fortunately, Ventura home owners are recognizing the signs that it’s time for a window replacement. Here we will discuss the top 10 signs that it’s time to replace your windows.

  1. Difficulty Opening and Closing them: If your windows require extra elbow grease or often become jammed shut, it’s a clear sign that it’s time for a window replacement.
  2. You Feel a Draft: If you feel a chill or draft coming from the sides of your windows, it means that they are no longer doing their job at insulating your home. This is likely costing you plenty of money on your electric bill.
  3. Visible Damage: If you notice any water stains, chipping, or deterioration on or around your windows, they are likely due to be replaced.
  4. Single Pane Windows: Most homes built before 1970 come with windows that only have single pane glass. These windows are considered sub-standard, do a poor job at insulating your home, and can even be unsafe.
  5. They are High Maintenance: If cleaning your windows seems like a major chore, it may be time to switch to a material that’s more low maintenance.
  6. Your Energy Bill is High: If you find yourself needing to use excessive heating or air conditioning to keep your home comfortable, then your windows are probably letting out a fair amount of air, resulting in a high energy bill.
  7. Replacement Parts Are Scarce: If you have trouble seeking out replacement parts for your windows than it’s likely your windows are out dated and are no longer in circulation.
  8. It’s Noisy: Good windows help keep the noise levels down in your home. If you can hear every noise that goes on outside of your home, it’s time to get them replaced.
  9. Your Fabrics Have Started to Fade: Older windows aren’t very UV resistant and do a poor job at protecting your home from harsh rays. This constant light can often result in discoloration of your furniture, curtains, and carpets.
  10. They Aren’t Visually Appealing: Sometimes old windows simply clash with freshly remodeled homes, if the appearance of your windows doesn’t fit your home anymore than it’s time to get them replaced.

If you have noticed any of the above warning signs, we recommend you start shopping for Ventura CA replacement windows. Of course, it’s always best to discuss the options with a window professional. At Quality Windows & Doors our experts are ready to assist you and answer any questions you may have. Our team can discuss the many options available and will point you in the direction of the right fit for your home. You can call us at (805) 984-5895 or visit us in person at 1430 S Oxnard Blvd. Oxnard, CA 93030.

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