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Top 10 Things to Check on Replacement Windows

If you are working on getting new windows for your Westlake Village, CA home, you might feel like you have a lot to think through. You’re right! You really do have a lot to consider. But if you can get these ten items to line up, you new windows will be in good shape. Use this as a checklist and go down the line when you check out windows for your home.

  1. Functionality

You want a lot of things from your new windows, but functionality should be near the top of the list. Quality windows eliminate a lot of headaches in your home. If you can open and close your windows with ease, you can use them to their full extent.

  1. Energy Efficiency

Any new windows you install should be energy efficient windows Westlake Village, CA so you can get the most from your investment. Make sure the label has an Energy Star seal on it to ensure that you are getting energy efficient windows.

  1. Extra Panes

You can’t find single pane glass very many places any longer. Double pane glass is standard. But if you want to save even more money and energy on bills, go for triple pane glass. You’ll earn savings that will pay for the extra cost.

  1. Safety Codes

Make sure that the windows you purchase follow the state safety codes. You will want tempered glass that shatters into blunt pieces if you are placing a window near the bath or shower, for example.

  1. Good Installation

Whatever quality windows you purchase, they will only serve your home if they are properly installed. Installation is just as important as the windows you buy.

  1. A Good Fit

It is imperative to have professionals from the window company to come to your home and measure in order to get the exact fit. If the windows aren’t properly fitted, they can’t do their job well.

  1. Check Aesthetics

You will want to ensure that the windows you purchase will look good on your home. Take samples home with you and hold them up against the interior and exterior of your home.

  1. Noise Reduction

Do you hear a lot of noise around your home? You can get glass that further reduces the noise that leak into your house from outside.

  1. UV Protection

If you are worried about the California sun damaging your possessions, ask for glass that has protective coatings on it so the UV rays no longer seep in where they are not invited.

  1. Style

There are many different types and styles of windows and every homeowner is different. Make sure you get something you will enjoy for many years because quality windows will last!

If you are looking for new windows for your home in Westlake Village, CA, contact Quality Windows at 805-984-5895. We’re happy to offer you a free consultation to go over the details. You can also stop by our showroom and see examples in person at 1430 S Oxnard Blvd, Oxnard, CA 93030.

Spruce Up Your Windows for Spring in Santa Barbara, CA

During the extended months of winter, we spend a little too much time indoors. If you and your kids are suffering from cabin fever, there are plenty of things you can do to brighten up your space and prepare for spring. A lot of these fun projects involve your windows, as long as they are lead-free and energy efficient. Just grab a few simple craft supplies and you can spruce up just in time for spring. Here are some ideas to get you started:

Window Paint

This is a simple, fun way to decorate for spring. There are plenty of products on the market now that are safe, not only for kids but also for your windows. You can find window crayons, window markers, and even window paint. The products will not stain or scratch the glass and will give your children hours of entertainment while they paint the sky or yard full of flowers or superheroes. Clean up is easy, especially if you have vinyl windows. Use a mild detergent to wipe down the frames and a soft cloth to remove drawings. Then clean the glass with your usual cleaner and a lint free cloth or newspaper.

Sun Catchers

Another fun, easy project for kids are DIY sun catchers. There are several fun ways to make these, but the most common are with a little tissue paper, sheet protectors, and Modge Podge. Cut the tissue paper into small squares and cut the seams off the sheet protector so you have two separate sheets of plastic. Spread the Modge Podge and attach the tissue paper. Then, once the adhesive is dry, cut out your shapes, peel the decoupage tissue paper off the plastic, and use string to hang them up in the window.

Window Clings

Another simple, fun way to decorate your windows for spring is with pull and stick window clings. These temporary stickers are fun to place and move around. Best of all, they do absolutely nothing to harm your windows. Once you have had your fill, you can remove the decorations and store them for later or simply discard them.

If you do have outdated windows in your home, just before spring is a great time for replacement windows in Santa Barbara, CA. It isn’t yet the busy season and Quality Windows can get your window installations done quickly and efficiently before spring and summer roll in.

Do I Need Replacement Windows?

How do you know if you need replacement windows? Here are a few things to watch for:

  • Cracks or broken glass
  • Drafty windows or broken seals
  • Difficult operation
  • Condensation between the panes
  • A lot of outside noise
  • Higher energy costs year after year
  • Your windows are more than 20 years old
  • Windows tested positive for lead paint

Any one or more of these conditions, and you might need windows replacement Ventura, CA Still not sure? Contact us at Quality Windows at 805-564-7600. Our window professionals will come down and look at your windows and provide a free in-home consultation. We can tackle everything from large construction projects to small glass repairs. Want to come see some new windows right now? Visit us at 534 N Milpas St., Santa Barbara, California 93103.

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Spring Cleaning: How to Clean, Inspect, and Maintain Your Windows

With the weather in Agoura Hills, CA getting markedly warmer, you have probably started thinking about Spring Cleaning. Open window season is on the way, and along with the sweeping and mopping, you will want to take extra care to thoroughly clean and inspect your windows. If something is amiss you should get replacement windows before the busy season strikes. Sparkling clean windows make a great impression—both inside and out. Here are some tools you will need and a few steps to follow to clean and maintain your windows this spring.

Tools for Window Cleaning

  • Soft, dry cloths
  • Dry towel
  • Sponge
  • Mild detergent
  • Generic class cleaner
  • Vacuum
  • Small, soft bristle brush
  • Plastic putty knife
  • Silicone lubricant

Do Not Use

  • Power washers
  • Abrasives or razor blades
  • Solvents or rubbing alcohol
  • Cleaners containing bleach
  • Furniture polish
  • Liquid grease removers

Step 1. Clean the Frame

Use a soft, wet cloth and your mild detergent to remove dirt from the frame and window ledge. Rinse with a different wet cloth and water, and immediately dry with your towel. You do not want water or cleaner to drip down into the tracks, so work quickly as you wash, rinse, and dry.

Step 2. Clean the Glass

Use your glass cleaner and another dry, lint-free cloth to wipe the glass surface of windows. If you notice streaking, rinse out your cloth with clear water before wiping again. You can also use newspapers for a streak-free clean. Again, do not let cleaner run down the window and into the track. And do not use razor blades or other abrasives to remove tough dirt, just soak the area and use a plastic putty knife until it comes free.

Step 3. Clean the Track or Hinges

First, use the vacuum to clear away loose dirt and debris. Then take your small brush, like a toothbrush, to the track and brush up any dirt that is stuck. Wipe the track down with a dry cloth. Then, spray your silicone lubricant into a cloth and rub it gently into the track. Do not spray directly into the track, or overspray might get in your freshly cleaned glass and frame. The same goes for all moving parts on casement, single-hung, double-hung, and awning windows.

Step 4. Clean the Screen

Next carefully remove the screens. Carry them into the shower or lay them on a flat surface outside. Then gently spray them down with water from the hose. You can also use a soft-bristle brush and mild detergent for tough dirt. Rinse with clear water and allow screens time to dry before reinstalling them.

Step 5. Perform the Inspection

While you are following the above steps, take extra caution while checking your windows. Look for cracks, leaks, mold, and condensation. You also want to watch for warping, scratches, rust, or pest infestation. If you feel a draft, see a crack or notice condensation between the panes of glass—you likely need replacement windows.

By taking the extra time, you might discover a few things you can’t fix or wipe away. And if you need us, we can help with Agoura Hills, CA replacement windows this spring. Call us at Quality Windows at 805-564-7600 and we can arrange a free in-home estimate. Or visit our showroom at 534 N Milpas St., Santa Barbara, California 93103. You can check out some of our products and set up an appointment to get your windows replaced this spring.

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Preparing Your Home for New Windows

You made a good decision to replace the windows in your home. They will improve energy efficiency, eliminate drafts, and improve your home in Agoura Hills, CA. And when you hire a professional installation team the process can be quick and painless. You do not have to worry about the process for and the hard work of the installation itself. However, there are a few things you can do to prepare for the installation crew. These small steps will help save time so the professionals can get the job done faster.

Clear the Windows

The first place to start is with the window drapes, blinds, indoor shutters, and curtain rods. Also, take down the hooks and wall art in proximity. You do not want these items to get ruined, especially if you plan to use them again once your new windows are in place.

Make Room

Next, you want to move any furniture that is close to the windows. Removing old windows and installing new ones is an involved process. You want to make sure the team has enough room to work.

Clean the Outside

Just like the inside, installers need room on the outside as well. You will want to remove wet leaves, window decorations, and any outdoor furniture that could get in the way. The installation team will be careful to avoid your front flower beds as best they can, but if you are concerned you might think about transplanting flowers, just in case.

Create a Path

The installation process involves removing the old windows before installing the new ones. This means the team will be trekking back and forth between the truck and your home. If you are getting multiple windows replaced you want to give the crew a clear path. Do what you can to eliminate tripping hazards. Put away area rugs, cords, and children’s toys.

Make Outlets Accessible

This might not be something you would think about, but the installation team will appreciate you taking this extra step. They will likely need electricity to run their power tools, and if you make the outlets accessible their job is so much easier.

Cover Furniture and Floor

A professional installation team will likely take care if this step. However, it won’t hurt to call and check. Because of liability issues, they may not want you to use your own coverings. But, if it is alright with the installers, it won’t hurt to do what you can to cover furniture.

Grant Access

This is another thing that might hold up the installation process. You want to make sure the doors and windows of your home are unlocked and you have disabled the alarms. You will also want to make sure your indoor pets are secure and not underfoot.

Do you have any questions about the window installation Agoura Hills, CA process for new windows? Call Quality Windows at 805-564-7600. Any of our experts will be happy to answer your questions and address any concerns about new windows you might have. Or you can visit us at 534 N Milpas St., Santa Barbara, California 93103.

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Horizontal Sliders vs. Single-Hung and Double-Hung Vinyl Windows

Looking for new or replacement windows in Santa Barbara, CA?  Not all windows are the same. You have so many styles to choose from and finding the right one will affect the overall look and feel of your home, both inside and out. And it isn’t just a superficial choice. Different vinyl window styles provide different functions as well. That is why choosing the right one is so important. Two popular options in the area are horizontal sliders or single and double-hung vinyl windows.

Features of Horizontal Sliders

Also called sliding windows, these slides open horizontally along a track. Typically these vinyl windows are twice the size of single and double-hung and may feature muntins (gridlines that give the appearance of a divided pane without sacrificing efficiency). You can also choose to make one or both panes operable. These windows are a good choice if the width of the opening is larger than the height.

Benefits of Horizontal Sliders

Here are the advantages you get with these vinyl windows:

  • Better efficiency. These windows do not have a lot of moving parts and are easy to operate. As such, the horizontal sliders tend to have higher energy efficiency ratings than double hung windows. The tight seal will keep extreme heat out, which is great for areas like Santa Barbara, CA.
  • Easy cleaning and maintenance. If both sashes are operable, these windows are easy to clean. With the window open you can reach the outer surface to clean. And the vinyl material will not fade, chip, or scratch. So you do not have to worry about sanding and refinishing the surface as you do with wooden window frames.
  • Larger view. These windows are larger and wider than single and double-hung windows. As such, you get a more expansive view, allowing in the most natural light. These windows also open wider, for more ventilation.

Features of Single and Double-Hung

These windows operate by sliding vertically. A single-hung window has a fixed upper sash and a double-hung as two operable sashes. These windows can come with our without muntins, depending on the style you prefer.

Benefits of Single and Double-Hung

These are the advantages of these vinyl windows:

  • Great ventilation. Because both sashes open on double-hung windows you have the option of opening the top and bottom for improved ventilation. The warm air escapes out the top while the cool air comes in through the bottom, naturally cooling the air in your home.
  • More versatility. You can pair single and double-hung windows with other styles to create a unique window display in your home. You can use them for an intriguing bay window, or on either side of a picture window. You can even choose to have a whole wall of windows in a row to maximize your view.
  • Improved safety for kid’s rooms. Double-hung windows allow for the option of locking the bottom sash and opening just the top. Then you can allow fresh air inside, but also not risk your child falling out the open window.
  • Air conditioner friendly. Horizontal sliders are not efficient for window anchored air conditioners. Single-hung windows are great, but double-hung windows are ideal for this type of unit.
  • Easy cleaning and maintenance. Double-hung windows win out for vinyl windows Santa Barbara, CA that are the easiest to clean. The design allows you to tilt both sashes in so you can clean the inside and outside surface without ever stepping outside. On the other hand, single hung vinyl windows are the most difficult to clean because the top sash does not tilt in.

Want to come in and compare these vinyl windows for yourself? Call Quality Windows at 805-564-7600 or stop by our showroom, 534 N Milpas St., Santa Barbara, CA 93103.

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