4 Benefits of Replacing Your Windows

While urgently going from task to task, we don’t always notice the small details that are right in front of us, but this can cost us in the long run. Many Westlake Village homeowners are paying more than they should be on electric bills while dealing with too much noise and an unsafe home condition. All of these issues due to one simple detail…their windows. Homeowners typically don’t look into replacing their windows until a major crack occurs or they are remodeling their entire house, but it’s wise to give this portion of your house the extra attention it deserves. By replacing outdated windows, you will be able to enjoy a host of benefits. Here we will talk about some valid real life reasons to replace your windows.

Cut Back On Your Electric Bills: If you are making every effort to reduce your energy use, but your electric bill is stuck at a high rate, it’s likely your windows’ fault. If your windows have been around for decades or have been damaged by intense weather conditions, you may have developed a draft. This draft wastes any air conditioning or heating you use, as it all literally goes out the window. By replacing your old windows with snugger fitting windows that provide better insulation, you will see a drastic reduction in your monthly electric bill.

Enjoy Some Peace and Quiet: Windows that only have single pane glass allow so much sound to come in, it’s almost likely they aren’t there. If you are hearing virtually everything that is happening outside of your home, it’s likely you’ve kissed peace and quiet goodbye. Fortunately, by replacing your windows, you can bring the quiet back to your home and gain extra privacy. Many new window models offer double or even triple pane glass that do an excellent job at blocking out excess noise.

Keep Your Family Safe and Secure: Your family is the most important thing and keeping them safe is a top priority. Unfortunately, many homeowners don’t realize that their windows are the easiest ways for thieves and outside threats to enter their home. Keep those you love safe and sound by installing windows that have up-to-date security features that protect your home.

Stay Cozy and Warm: In addition to a lower electrical bill, thicker windows mean heat and air conditioning stays in your home where it belongs. This is a major bonus during the winter month when evenings are particularly cold.

With the many benefits available, it’s easy to see why so many homeowners are finding themselves shopping for new windows in Westlake Village, CA. Remember, there is a wide variety of window models and materials available so it’s always best to speak with a window professional to ensure you receive the most for your money. At Quality Windows, our trained staff of window professionals can answer any questions you may have as well as provide you with a free in-home consultation. To receive your consultation give us a call at 805-984-5895 or visit us at one of our three locations in Ventura County, Santa Barbara, or Malibu.

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