replacement windows in Simi Valley, CA

Accentuating Your Replacement Windows

Once you put the time and effort into getting replacement windows in Simi Valley, CA, you want them to stand out as fresh and new. The windows themselves will likely show since they are new and those who have seen your house before will surely notice. But you might want to do a little more to accentuate that great feature in your home. Here are a few things you might do to make your windows look even better.

Add Exterior Shutters

IF you want your windows to stand out more from the outside, consider exterior shutters in the same color as your trim and they can make the windows stand out as something unique and different. The shutters might blend with the windows and highlight them like a frame, or they might contrast and make them stand out even more.

Window Coverings

Inside the home, the window coverings are going to be one of the keys to making the windows stand out as something new and fresh. You might have different coverings in different rooms and you will want to have them function well. But you also want to be able to open them so the windows can show. Get shades that roll up well out of the way so you can see the windows. Get shutters that line the sides of the windows and allow you to accentuate their beauty.

Move Furniture

In order to see and appreciate the windows, you might want to move furniture around a bit. You don’t want to put the couch in front of the new bay or bow window. Put it on another wall so you can fully appreciate those windows for all they are worth. Consider a new layout for the furniture just to make the windows more of the focal point of the room.


You aren’t going to decorate every window, but there might be certain windows that show from the front of your house, even from outside, that might take some nice decorations. Hang some stained glass art, a wreath, a wind chime, or something else to show your personality and style while keeping the windows as something that you want everyone to notice and see.

replacement windows in Simi Valley, CA

Choose The Right Windows

There are lots of things you can do in the decision-making process that helps you to accentuate the windows without doing much other than choosing the right color, style, hardware, and other such things. Your unique windows can stand out as something special right away.

When you are looking for replacement windows in Simi Valley, CA, you are going to get the help you need from the professionals at Quality Windows & Doors. We can help you get windows that suit your style and budget and that will stand out on their own. But we will also offer ideas and suggestions for accentuating those windows within your home so everyone will notice and appreciate them. You can even just allow them to speak for themselves with the extra natural light they bring into the space.