Advantages and Disadvantages of Vinyl Windows

If you are thinking about replacing the old windows in your home with vinyl windows, you will want to know as much about them as possible. Vinyl windows have a lot of advantages for any home in Ventura, CA. But with advantages, there are always a few downsides that homeowners will need to consider. Use these points to weigh your options with care before you make a final decision.


-Energy Efficiency

Vinyl windows can keep the heat in during the winter months and the hot summer sun out the other times of the year. That alone will help to reduce your heating and air conditioning bills. Lower energy bills will help make up for the initial cost you put into buying the new vinyl windows.

-Maintenance Free

Vinyl windows are close to 100 percent scratch resistant. You don’t have to paint, scrape or stain them because they are permanent in every way. They can also easily be cleaned with soap and water. They don’t age as fast as many other windows because they can resist many of the elements.


Vinyl is the least expensive type of window materials and it is highly durable and will not rust, rot, or peel. Just because the vinyl material is cheap doesn’t mean all vinyl windows are going to be inexpensive. State-of-the-art manufacturing has brought significant improvements to today’s vinyl windows. Keep in mind that what you are getting won’t corrode in any way and will last for many many years.


Vinyl windows have style, size and color options so varied, it is hard to consider them all. These windows can also be customized in a number of ways. Colors and style options are permanent so consider them with care so you get what you want long term.



Because everything about vinyl windows is permanent, you cannot make changes to them later. If you decide to paint your house, you will have to make sure the new color goes with the existing vinyl windows because they cannot be painted themselves.

-Customization Costs

If you want to get windows in a certain shape that is out of the norm, the customization costs can be high. The scale of the project will determine how high, but you are looking at a decent chunk of money above the average costs.


Extreme weather conditions can cause vinyl to fade and discolor. Since the windows can’t be painted, they have to be replaced when the discoloration is bad enough. Luckily, Ventura, CA doesn’t see many extreme cold or adverse conditions often, so vinyl windows are a great option in this region.

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