Could Aluminum Windows be the Right Choice for Your Ventura Home?

There are many window materials on the market today. When starting your window search, it is important to learn the pros and cons of each material so you can make an educated choice for your Ventura home. Quality Windows offers high quality Milgard aluminum windows. Milgard is a premium brand that offers all the options and features you would expect from top-of-the-line windows. Following are a few of the advantages and disadvantages to consider. We hope this will be helpful in your window material research.

Advantages of Aluminum Windows

One of the greatest advantages of aluminum is that it is lightweight yet robust. It is heavy-duty and does not require much maintenance. If you need unique or unusual shapes for your windows, aluminum may be a wise choice as it can be easily manipulated into any shape.

Disadvantages of Aluminum Windows

The biggest drawback to aluminum is that it does not hold in heat well. This means that aluminum is not conducive to colder climates. Frost and condensation will form inside the windows which presents a variety of problems.

Therefore, aluminum windows can be a good option when cold weather is not a factor. New production practices have brought higher tolerances and standards to aluminum frames on today’s market. This means they keep heat in much more efficiently than they once did. They remain popular in commercial buildings because they are much cheaper than some other options.

Aluminum vs. Wood

Wood windows deliver a more classic look and feel than aluminum making them a popular choice.   Another benefit is that wood windows are more effective thermally so they hold the heat more efficiently.

Wood windows however require much more maintenance than aluminum. Wood needs ongoing scraping, painting or staining to keep them looking beautiful. They also can warp, peel and rot which is not a concern with aluminum windows.

Aluminum vs. Vinyl

Just like aluminum windows, vinyl windows require no maintenance once they’ve been installed. Vinyl, however, has a low thermal conductance so they will hold heat more effectively. The welded frames on vinyl windows mean no water or air infiltration.

Aluminum windows are extremely effective at keeping noise out of your house, even though vinyl windows can be very efficient too.

Milgard has brought its state-of-the-art technology to their aluminum windows and provide homeowners with an excellent alternative option to vinyl, wood, and fiberglass. Special features such as SunCoat® Low-E high-performance insulating glass makes their aluminum windows a step above competing brands. They even offer their aluminum line in four color finishes ensuring a perfect match for your design taste.

Learning all you can about available Ventura, CA window replacement options will allow you to make educated decisions. Let the experts at Quality Windows and Doors show you the pros and cons of all your choices. Visit our Ventura County Showroom at 1430 S Oxnard Blvd, Oxnard, CA 93030. The Ventura phone number is 805.984.5895 or our Santa Barbara Showroom at 534 N Milpas St, Santa Barbara, CA 93103 where the phone number is 805.564.7600. You can also call our Malibu location at 310.456.3979. One of our window experts would be delighted to talk to you about your window replacement project.

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