Benefits of Aluminum Windows

When you need new windows, you have a lot of options to consider. You may like the look of one type of window, but you don’t want the maintenance it involves. You may like the price tag on another, but not the appearance. There are plenty of things to think over, but aluminum windows are one type to put near the top of the list. There are a lot of benefits for using aluminum windows on your home in Camarillo, CA. Here are just a few to get you started.

Benefit#1: They Exceed Energy Efficiency Standards

Aluminum windows are high-performance windows that go above and beyond normal levels of energy efficiency. If you are replacing old windows in your home, you can expect to see a positive difference in your utility bills no matter what windows you choose. But when you choose aluminum windows, you will get even more improvements in heat gain and loss through the windows.

Benefit#2: They Help the Environment

No matter how you heat and cool your home, you know whenever the air kicks on, you are using energy. Aluminum windows cut back on the amount of energy you use simply by insulating your home better. You can expect to save quite a bit of money on your bills and you are saving precious energy, which is good for the environment at the same time. The material itself is also recycled at the highest rate of any metal. It is a good material to use and reinforces itself with its inherent properties.

Benefit#3: They are Low Maintenance and Highly Durable

Aluminum has corrosion resistant qualities that create a low maintenance frame. These windows are resistant to anything the weather throws at them and they can withstand the harsh California sun and heat. Unlike other window materials, they will not swell, crack, warp, or even split over time. They have a longer life than other materials and they can be left in their original finished condition with no extra work on your part.

Benefit#4: They are Affordable

Aluminum frames are significantly cheaper than many of the other window options. They are economical not only because of their upfront price tag but also because of the energy outcomes you will see later.

Benefit#5: They Come with Flexible Design Options

Aluminum is a flexible material and it can be bent to your exact specifications. Your only limitation is your imagination when it comes to this type of window. You have an endless array of glass options and finishes, which give you a wide range of possibilities. You can do something straightforward and economical or you can go with something more elaborate. Any option will still give you the thermal protection you want.

If you are interested in learning more about aluminum windows in Camarillo, CA, call Quality Windows at 805-984-5895. You are also welcome to stop by our showroom at 1430 S. Oxnard Blvd, Oxnard, CA 93030. We are happy to show you some examples of aluminum windows and answer any questions you have.

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