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Classic Window Trends You Can Trust

There are lots of things you are going to want to consider before you get too deep into the process of getting replacement windows in Santa Barbara, CA. You know there are trends in lots of different industries and the same is true for windows. You want to get something that is in style, but since windows are going to be on your house for decades, you want something classic that won’t go off-trend in the coming years. There are some trends that come and go and others that are popular but are also around to stay. Here are a few classic trends you can trust and put on your windows with peace of mind.

Energy Efficient Elements

Anything you can do to make your windows more energy efficient, you should do. New windows are often efficient even if they are standard options, but there are things you can do to ensure that efficiency. For one thing, keep an eye on the ratings labels and ensure that the windows are going to give you the performance you want. You will also want to consider upgrades that will let you get even more efficiency from the windows. Match the upgrades to your home’s needs and you can really get energy efficiency to write home about.

Bay or Bow Window Styles

There are lots of classic window styles that won’t go off-trend, like double hung and casement windows. While you might want those windows for most of the spots you have available in the house, if you have a good spot for a bay or bow window, that is also something that can add elegance to your home and won’t go off trend. These windows bring lots of light into the home, allow you a better view, and offer more space as well as architectural interest.

Larger Windows Are Better

Older homes often have smaller windows. That’s just how they used to run. But today, larger windows are all the rage so if you can do anything to make your windows bigger, you might want to consider doing that. You can add windows to window banks or you can make current windows larger on the wall where you have the space. It’s a great way to bring in more light and allow you to have heightened value as well.

replacement windows Santa Barbara, CA

Black or White Are Popular Colors

White has always been the most popular color for window frames and that’s not going to change any time soon. Even if another color takes on the market as ‘most popular,’ white is still going to look great with any color, which makes it a classic choice. You can get white frames and you never have to worry. Black is another popular and classic color. It gives a great contrast, which is a very trendy thing to do right now with replacement windows in Santa Barbara, CA. If you want more examples of window trends that are going to stick around, contact Quality Windows & Doors for more information.