Customizing Your Vinyl Windows

If you want to put new windows on your home in Ventura, CA and you choose vinyl windows, you might think you are done making decisions. The truth is, you’ve just started! You have a number of different ways to customize your vinyl windows to make them the perfect fit for your home. You are not limited to plain windows you have a variety of choices with vinyl windows. Here are just a few of the options you have to customize your vinyl windows.

Customization Option 1: Color

When you think of vinyl windows, stark white probably comes to mind. White frames are the norm, but they don’t have to be your choice. Vinyl windows can be customized in any color you have in mind. Whether you want off-white, gray, or even red or blue, you can get the color you want in vinyl windows. Just be sure to find the exact right color because once the vinyl windows are installed on your home, you can’t paint them or change the color.

Customization Option 2: Grids

Another thing you can do to your vinyl windows in Ventura, CA is add what the industry calls grids. Grids are like tic tac toe boards on the windowpane, but there are several different styles and varieties and they can really add character to you home. Some grid lines split the window into four small squares while others add far more squares. If you want to add visual variety to your vinyl windows, grids are a great option to consider, especially on the front of a house where they show more.

Customization Option 3: Size

You might assume that you will be the same size window in place of an old window of a like size, but you don’t have to. You are not limited when it comes to the size of your new vinyl windows. When you replace your windows, it is your chance to change the size of the window. You can also consider something to give your home more flair like a bay or bow window.

There are many more options available for vinyl windows that each homeowner can customize to the specific look they want. Just because many houses have vinyl windows does not mean any two homes have to be identical. New vinyl windows can add value to a home and the extra customizing options can give you additional appeal as well.

If you are ready to look into vinyl windows and want to know more about the customizing options available for your home in Ventura, CA, stop by the Quality Windows show room at 1430 S Oxnard Blvd. Oxnard, California 93030 and see the choices for yourself. Give us a call anytime at 805-984-5895 and set up an appointment. We can talk through the needs and style of your home and help you find the right customizing options for your individual project.

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