The Do’s and Don’ts of Window Safety

As spring becomes more and more evident in Westlake Village, CA, you start to see more hazards associated with your windows. Children and pets don’t always see the dangers you do so in order to keep everyone safe, it is a good idea to follow basic window safety tips. You can prevent injuries related to windows if you recognize the do’s and don’ts of window safety!


Close and Lock Windows

If you are not going to be home or if you are not using your windows, it is best to keep them closed and locked. That way, no one can get into your home and no one can fall out of your home on accident. It’s nice to have windows open to let in fresh air, but if windows are unattended, they can be dangerous.


Expect Window Screens to Keep Children Safe

Insect screens are meant to keep insects out of your home. They are not meant to keep children in your home. They are flimsy and highly susceptible to breaking if any amount of pressure is put on them. If a child falls, the insect screen will hardly slow them down.


Put Beds and Furniture Away from Windows

If you have windows that are out of your child’s reach, that’s a good start on keeping them safe. However, you need to also consider that children can climb on beds and other furniture and gain access to the windows. Place those items out of reach from the windows in order to keep children as safe as possible.


Paint or Nail Windows Shut

Even if you don’t use the window for ventilation purposes, it is never safe to paint or nail a window shut. Perhaps you think it’s a good idea in order to make it more energy efficient, but windows act as escape hatches if you ever have an emergency situation in your home. You need easy access to the outside of your house in case anything ever happens. A painted or nailed shut window is unsafe.

If you would like other window safety tips, the professionals at Quality Windows are happy to help answer any questions you have. If you have gone through a few of these Do’s and Don’ts and realize you have windows that are unsafe no matter how hard you try, you might want to consider replacing them. We can also help with that! Give Quality Windows a call today at 805-564-7600. We have been the most trusted Ojai, CA replacement windows company serving Westlake Village, CA and surrounding areas for over 30 years. We’re happy to help your home gain access to safe, energy efficient, and beautiful windows of many different types. In fact, you’re welcome to stop by our showroom at 534 N Milpas St, Santa Barbara, CA 93103 and take a look at the window products we offer. It’s easier to tell what will fit into your home when you see examples in person!

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