replacement windows in Santa Barbara, CA

Integrating Replacement Windows Into The Project

If you have an older home, there are certain things that need to be updated, remodeled, or even replaced. You might have your mindset on a certain thing, but you may also want to consider integrating replacement windows in Santa Barbara, CA into the project as a whole. Here are a few projects and how new windows could fit into them nicely.

Renovating The Bathroom

Perhaps your bathroom feels small and cramped. Letting more natural light in can really help bring the room around to something that feels a lot more open and welcoming. Of course, the bathroom is also a room where you need privacy. So consider something like a skylight. You take none of the wall space away, but you get some lighting from above. You could also put a window high above the tub so you get the light, again, but maintain privacy. It would be a good addition to top off the renovation of the space.

New Siding

If your windows are just as old as your siding, they probably need to be replaced just as badly. And taking on both projects at once allows you to coordinate the colors and style to give the home a cohesive look. While siding can change curb appeal quite a bit, and bring efficiency to the home if you add windows in as well, the curb appeal will be completely fresh and the efficiency will skyrocket inside. Your energy bills will be markedly lower.

Kitchen Changes

Lots of people are taking out old countertops and replacing them with granite or marble. You might also be changing the cabinets, the flooring, and other such things. Another thing that can make a big difference in the kitchen is new windows. Take out that small window at the end of the kitchen and make it into a true breakfast nook with a bay or bow window. Move the sink to a location where you can put a window over it so you have a view when you work there. New windows can really make the whole project shine that much brighter.

New Window Coverings

Window coverings fade and fail over time and if you’ve realized that yours are ancient, you’ll want to take a look at the windows beneath them as well. Are they just as old, if not older? You can increase the efficiency and appearance of your home by getting new windows. You have to take the window coverings down before the new windows go in, so pairing those projects together and making them work well as a team can really benefit you.

replacement windows in Santa Barbara, CA

There are plenty of other projects you might take on that could also include replacement windows in Santa Barbara, CA. If you are thinking about a joint project, talk to the professionals about where the windows fit in the best. Usually, you will want to do the window replacement first so you have better lighting and a good start on the other portion of the project. Have a free consultation to figure out the details.