Milgard Essence Series Windows

Whether you are building a new home or working on replacing your old windows, Milgard has a great selection of windows within the Essence Series that can outfit your Ventura, CA home. The different styles under the Milgard name can brighten any home or room and they come in a number of materials such as wood, fiberglass, vinyl, and aluminum. The Essence Series offers beautiful wood windows that give you a natural look inside coupled with a fiberglass exterior frame. This revolutionary design has a variety of benefits.

  • Solid Wood Interior

When it comes to beauty and style, there is nothing like wood.  If you love the look of wood windows inside your house, when you get Milgard Essence windows, you get just that. You have a natural beauty in every room of your house and you don’t have to worry about any colors clashing with your existing décor. Wood looks good with anything and fits in anywhere.

  • Fiberglass Exterior

As much as you like wood, you likely don’t like the maintenance that comes with them. You have to scrape, paint, and stain them often in order to keep them looking nice on your Ventura, CA house. The Milgard Essence Series avoids all the hassle you normally get from wood windows by placing fiberglass frames on the exterior portion of the windows. You have 16 powder coated frame colors from which to choose and you no longer have to worry about time consuming upkeep.

  • Lifetime Warranty on Glass Breakage

Milgard Essence windows are so strong they come with a lifetime warranty on the glass breakage. This coverage is almost unheard of because glass breaks, that’s all there is to it. But the glass on these windows rarely breaks and if it does, you’re covered under this breakage coverage. That tells you that the company believes in its product enough to stand behind it. You can rest assured that your home is well protected by the strong glass on these windows. No storm or random baseball will shatter the glass as easily as it would another window.

  • Award Recognition

The Milgard Essence Series of wood windows received the Crystal Achievement Award for Most Innovative Window.  This recognition speaks to how well this window performs among its competitors throughout the industry.

When Milgard decided to create a better wood window, they re-imagined everything. These windows have become a popular choice for new construction and window replacement Ventura, CA projects. The timeless design has endless options that look great throughout any home. If you are interested in more details on Milgard windows or other types of windows, call Quality Windows at 805-984-5895. You can also stop by and see some of the windows yourself. We’re located at 1430 S. Oxnard Blvd, Oxnard, CA 93030. We are happy to answer all your questions.

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