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Phone Consultations Regarding Replacement Windows

Not everyone is comfortable leaving their home for extra things right now and that’s perfectly understandable. Many homeowners also aren’t up for inviting people over—especially people they don’t know. So how can you move forward with replacement windows in Santa Barbara, CA with all the social distancing going on? One thing you can do to get things started is to have a phone consultation by phone with a window professional. The consultation is free and you can ask as many questions as you’d like. Here are some things you might want to cover:

Manufacturer Options

When you sign up for a phone consultation with a window company, you might already know what manufacturers they carry. If not, ask them about the various options and see what they recommend for a home in your location. They might have a particular manufacturer in mind for the goals you have for your home.

Budget Constraints

It’s always best to be as upfront as possible about your budget constraints for the project. That way, the professionals aren’t recommending things to you that you can’t really afford. When they know what you have to offer to the project, they can be a lot more helpful with ideas and options. Talk about your budget and where it can take you while you are on the phone.

Overall Home Goals

It’s also a good idea to talk about the goals you have for your home. Most people want further energy efficiency, but you might also want a certain aesthetic or style or you might want extra safety measures. Whatever your goals are, list them for the experts so they can keep them in mind as they offer ideas and options moving forward.

Home Style

Since the professionals aren’t coming to your home at this point, you might want to offer them an idea of what your home is like. Do you live in an old, Victorian-looking home or something with a modern look? That overall style is going to make a big difference in what they recommend moving ahead with your choices.


Consultations are a great chance to ask any questions you have about the process from start to finish. You can ask how long it takes to order windows, how installation works, and anything else you have in mind. As long as you have the professionals on the phone, you may as well get your questions answered.

If you’d like to look into replacement windows in Santa Barbara, CA with a by phone consultation, the professionals at Quality Windows & Doors are happy to help you out. Let us know when it’s a good time for you to talk and we’ll set aside that time just for you so there are no distractions with other things. You deserve the attention you need for this important project. You can visit our website to get details on our experience and the types of windows we offer or just give us a call and we’ll get something set up from there.

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