replacement windows in Santa Barbara, CA

Replace Windows Before Winter?

There are many times of the year that work well for getting replacement windows in Santa Barbara, CA. In fact, the best time to get new windows is whenever you need them, no matter what season happens to be in place at that time. Many homeowners would rather not get new windows installed during the winter months because of the weather. You can avoid that need by replacing the windows now, during the fall. Here are a few reasons why you might want to replace the windows for sure before the winter months.

Insects Are Infesting

You know the insects may die off in the winter, but if they have swarmed your house over the summer and fall months, that’s not a good sign for your windows. They are getting in somehow and the windows may very well be allowing them through. You might have them inside, or perhaps they are just chewing on the windows outside. Either way, the windows are letting it happen because of disrepair or old age. Replace them and you can keep those pests at bay.

Areas Of The House Are Drafty

You feel the draft and you know what it means. It’s only going to get worse when winter hits and the air outside is cooler than normal. You didn’t like the hot drafts in the summer and you definitely won’t like the cool drafts in the winter. You can stop those drafts before winter hits by getting new windows installed during the fall months.

Water Is Getting Through

You don’t want drafts in your house, but you also don’t want water to get through. If you are feeling drafts, it’s quite possible that there’s water coming in, too. You may see water damage on your walls and who knows what is between the walls. There could be mold and that’s downright dangerous. If you have water coming into your house, you are going to want to get replacement windows if you can’t fix the issue with repairs.

replacement windows in Santa Barbara, CA

The Home Is A Safety Hazard

There are things that old windows can do to your house that actually causes it to be a more dangerous place to live. You want a safe place for your family and with winter coming, there’s no better time than now to figure out what you can do to make things more secure. If windows won’t open and close, for example, that’s a safety hazard. You can’t get out if an emergency happens and that’s a big deal. Get new windows so you don’t have that concern over the winter months, just in case.

When you are thinking about getting replacement windows in Santa Barbara, CA this fall, you can talk to the professionals at Quality Windows & Doors about whether or not it’s in your best interest to go ahead before winter hits. We’re here to offer you a free consultation and we’ll give you advice about what we would do if your home were ours. There’s no pressure to move ahead at any time.