Replacement Windows and Home Value Links

There are a number of things you can do to your home in Thousand Oaks, CA to raise its overall value. One of the items near the top of the list is to install replacement windows. Home improvements vary in terms of the return on the investment you put into the project. You want to get a return that is as close to 100% as possible. That would mean that every dollar you spend on the project, you will get a one-dollar increase in your home value. So how do replacement windows rate?

There are no guarantees when it comes to home improvement projects. You know remodeling your kitchen or bathroom is going to increase the value of your home, but there is no way to say you will increase its value for the exact amount you spend. The same can be true about replacement windows. You know the value of your home will rise significantly, but a lot of the value depends on the market and when you decide to sell.

So how do replacement windows in Thousand Oaks, CA affect the value of your home? Here are a few ways.


Replacement windows have a large effect on the perception people have of your home. If you are to put your home on the market, people will be looking at it from it with a trained eye. Curb appeal makes a big difference in how valuable your home appears. When people see replacement windows installed, they will believe the inside of the home will be valuable as well. Replacement windows can make an older home look modern and stylish in no time at all. Perception goes a long way to making your home appear desirable when it is on the market.

-Cost Savings

When potential buyers see replacement windows on the home, they know your home is more energy efficient than other options. That means they will save money on utilities and they like that. People are more willing to spend money to get upgraded items like replacement windows so they can keep their monthly bills down.

Research shows that you can expect an 80-90% return on your investment in replacement windows when you sell your Thousand Oaks, CA home. If you install the windows soon and don’t move until later, you can recuperate the rest of the money easily in utility savings.

If you are interested in replacement windows, come to the Quality Windows showroom at 1430 S Oxnard Blvd. Oxnard, California 93030 and start looking at the options we have available. Our professionals have decades of experience in the industry and know just what recommendations to make for each individual home. Spend a little time finding the right windows for your home in Thousand Oaks, CA and you will raise its value for when you sell and save money on utilities in the meantime. Give us a call today at 805-984-5895 and set up an appointment. We’ll go over your needs and customize the right windows for your home.

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