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Signs The Window Replacement Installer Isn’t A Pro

Choosing replacement windows in Ventura, CA is a process and you want to be careful with how you do things. Every piece you decide upon will add up into the whole window and each part makes a big difference. Since you spend a lot of time and effort, not to mention quite a bit of money, on finding just the right replacement windows, it only makes sense to spend time and effort on finding the right installer as well. It’s true that the windows are only as good as the installer. You don’t want to get top of the line windows only to have them ruined by a poor installation. Here are a few signs that the installer you are looking at isn’t a real pro, and should be one you don’t hire.

They Aren’t Window Specialists

There are general contractors of many different kinds out there and many of them have probably installed windows before. Perhaps most of those installations have even gone well. But do you really want to change that in your home? General contractors are like jacks of all trades. They do a little bit of everything. But they haven’t been trained by window manufacturers on the exact windows you have for your home. Nothing less than the best should be accepted as someone you want to install your windows.

They Are Neighbors/Friends/Family

Unless your neighbor, friend, or family member also works at a window store, they definitely aren’t experts. It’s easy to watch a video online and get some help and feel like you can do the job. Maybe the window will go in just fine, but the performance results most likely won’t be up to par and it’ll all be for nothing.

They Don’t Carry Insurance

This is a huge thing to check on and something to run from once you find out there’s no insurance covering them. This means that is something happens to that individual while they are on your property, it’s up to you to cover their expenses. That’s not at all professional and not at all what you want. You need someone who comes with insurance from their company. If things happen, they are covered by the company without any worries on your part.

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They Don’t Have Experience

If you talk to an installer who seems to be okay, ask them about their experience. If they hem and haw around or don’t have a long list of specific jobs they can reference, they may not be right for your job. You won’t experience backing your installer up so you know you are getting a quality job.

There are other things to look for in installers when you want your replacement windows in Ventura, CA to go in just right. But when you get windows from Quality Windows & Doors, we can take care of the installation for you and you can rest assured that our installers are none other than the absolute best in the industry.

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