Styles of Vinyl Windows

If you are building a new home or considering replacement windows in your existing home, you have a lot of choices to make. You may already know that vinyl windows have a lot of benefits. They can raise the value of your home, lower your energy bills, and protect you from the elements. But what about style? Do vinyl windows come in the style you want? The answer is yes. Vinyl windows can come in nearly any style. Here are just a few styles to think about for your home in Camarillo, CA.

Sliding Windows

If you want to seal the energy in your home while still having the option of letting the warm breeze in on a nice day, sliding windows are a good option. These windows have one or more fixed panels alongside a panel that slides on horizontal tracks. Half or the window opens to allow fresh air into the home.

Double-Hung Windows

This classic style has an upper and lower portion (the sash). The upper and lower sash can slide up or down to let air in the home. The windows can be tilted into the home when they need to be cleaned.

Casement Windows

Casement windows operate by cranks and can open either inward or outward to let fresh air into the room. These windows allow a lot of light into a room and give the homeowner options for airflow.

Picture Windows

Picture windows can come in larger sizes and generally dominate the wall they inhabit. Their main purpose is to give the homeowner an unobstructed view of whatever lies outside their home. The windows do not open or close, but act as more of a decoration.

Glass Block Windows

These windows are small blocks that are placed together in a break-resistant pattern. They give security to the home and are often placed around doors and windows to allow more light and safety in that area.


Skylights provide natural light and are a great overhead light fixture that involves no electricity. They don’t generally open or close, but they do sometimes have shades that can cover them when the California sun is too intense.

The window style is just the beginning of the decisions you will have to make when you are looking for high quality vinyl windows in Camarillo, CA. You will have to think about the type of glass and many other items. If you need help going through all the options and figuring out what works best and where contact Quality Windows & Doors. You can give us a call at 805-564-7600 or stop by our showroom at 534 N. Milpas Street in Santa Barbara, CA. We can walk through each option and answer all the questions you might have. Our qualified professionals are available to discuss your plans from start to finish anytime you need help. Windows are a big purchase and we want to make sure you are happy with the end result both in style and efficiency.

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