Have you ever wished you could skip the planning phase of a restoration or home improvement project? You know—just bibbidi-bobbidi-boo! And ta-da! You have new, beautiful windows you can rely on for years to come!

Unfortunately, life does not quite work this way. However, you do not have to add stress to the planning stage. Let Quality Windows & Doors help you make a sound decision. If you are brainstorming about new windows Ventura for your home (or if you have found yourself in a predicament: new home, shoddy work; old home, sudden issue; DIY project “gone wrong;” etc), our team can point you in a good direction: Milgard Woodclad Series Windows.

What is WoodClad?
Milgard’s WoodClad option is for both the traditional and the sensible clients. This is a hybrid window: practical fiberglass for the exterior and rich, beautiful wood for the interior.

What is fiberglass?
Fiberglass is composed of resin and glass fibers. This material combination resists swelling, warping, and rotting due to the elements. Here in Camarillo, CA, we are exposed to a lot: salt air, high winds, and strong storms. The material you choose is important for longevity and at Quality Windows &Doors, we want our clients prepared and comfortable.

Why use different materials for indoor and outdoor?
Good question, with more than one answer. For starters, it is tough to beat the look of wood frames inside a home. Natural wood adds a special touch; one of luxury and nostalgia that is impossible to match with other materials. With Milgard, these windows feature furniture-grade natural wood without holes from nails or staples! For the exterior, we know the importance of using a product which has nearly no thermal expansion rate: fiberglass. In fact, fiberglass will only expand and contract with the glass it holds, which means a tight seal against the elements. Don’t worry—if you are the traditionalist in the family, there are options to obtain that wood look for your home’s exterior as well, while still maintaining the strength and durability of fiberglass.

Why is fiberglass a preferred material for the exterior?
To answer this plainly, fiberglass is extremely strong. Should you have large picture windows, fiberglass can hold the weight of the glass. Unlike some other window materials, fiberglass can be painted to change looks as you grow into your home—though paint is unnecessary for upkeep. Further, it’s low maintenance! Should we have lead with this point? Who doesn’t love a low-maintenance window!

Fast facts about fiberglass:

  • Strong: eight times stronger than vinyl; more than three times stronger than wood; twice as strong as aluminum.
  • Long-lasting and durable: Milgard WoodClad windows are air-tight. The fiberglass exterior can withstand up to 200mph winds; it will not warp, rust, corrode, discolor, or dent. And because it is not porous, it will not absorb moisture.
  • Energy efficient: fiberglass has roughly 500 times lessthermal conductibility than aluminum.
  • Environmentally friendly: made partially from recycled products!
  • Low maintenance: no need for staining, painting (unless you want to!), or sanding.

More questions about Milgard WoodClad windows for your Camarillo home?  Don’t hesitate to call us!

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