replacement windows in Ventura, CA

Your Window Replacement Installation Nightmares

So, you ordered new windows with everything you ever wanted in replacement windows in Ventura, CA. Congratulations! You are on your way to having a beautiful house, complete with energy efficiency and high value. However, just ordering the windows is only the halfway point. The last step is just as important as the windows you have chosen—the installation. And if you spent enough on the windows and didn’t save any for installation, perhaps you think cutting corners and installing the windows yourself or having someone cheap or free do it is a good idea, it’s not. In fact, it can lead to an installation nightmare. Here are a few instances to convince you not to cut corners on installation.

The Cheap Installer/Neighbor Got Hurt And You Have To Pay

Friends, family members, installers without insurance, neighbors, and anyone who’s not a professional likely won’t come with their own insurance for a window installation job. If a window falls on their foot and breaks some toes if they fall off a ladder and hurt their back, or they are injured in any other way, guess what…they’re on your property. Without professional insurance and a business to back them up, you are going to be liable for those expenses. Whether you have to pay hospital bills, emergency fees, or other things, those bills are all yours. Hiring a professional installer will avoid that. They are less likely to get hurt and if they do, it’s on their insurance and not on you.

The Windows Fail To Perform As Promised

Ah yes, the windows went in. And they look decent, but when you get your next energy bills, it’s just as high as the last one was. What’s going on? When you have an average joe put in your windows, you never know what kind of results you’re going to get. The windows might not be properly lined up and sealed and that can cause all sorts of air gaps. Guess what happens when the windows aren’t performing because of the poor installer you hired? You’re the one who has to deal with it. The installer doesn’t have any obligation to return and help you fix it. You might have to pay a new installer and start from scratch or you might have to live with the shoddy job, which defeats the purpose of having new windows put into your home in the first place.

replacement windows in Ventura, CA

Getting replacement windows in Ventura, CA can be very exciting, but keep in mind that the windows you get are only half the battle. You also have to ensure that you get a good installer to help you put the windows in right on the very first try. Having a professional brings guarantees with it. If something goes wrong, they fix it. They also allow you to keep the manufacturer warranty in place so if something breaks in the future, the warranty will still be good. The professionals at Quality Windows & Doors will help you choose windows and install them, too.