replacement windows in Ventura, CA

Room By Room Window Replacement

When you get replacement windows in Ventura, CA, it takes the technicians time to install the windows. Depending on how many you have, they will only be in your house for a day or two. There might be a preference on your end as to how the installation goes and you can tell them that, if you’d like. You could ask that they start in the kitchen, for example, so you can clean that room up and have it ready for dinner that night. They will work through your house room by room and there are advantages to starting in different places.

Start With The Hardest Install

If you are having a bay or bow window put into the living room, and you didn’t have one before, that might be the hardest thing for the workers to install. In that case, perhaps you want them to start there while they are fresh and patient with the process. It is fun to see a big change happen right away and when you are moving from casement or another type of windows to a bay or bow window, it’s a huge change right away.

Start Up Top And Work Down

If you have the technicians start on the second floor and work their way down, you have the main floor to do your own things on for the time being. Once they are done on the second floor and ready to start on the main floor, you can trade places. You can work on dusting the upper level and getting bedrooms clean for your family to use that night and the installers can do their work on the main floor.

Start Down And Work Up

If you have a basement, perhaps you’d like for them to start there to get that space taken care of first. You may have an office down there or an entertainment center and once they are done there and move to a different part of your house, you can take over the basement and entertain yourself for the rest of the day with ease.

If you have a preference for what order you want the windows to go into your house, talk to the installers by phone before they arrive. They might organize the windows on the truck in a certain order or plan things out in a certain way if they know what you prefer upfront. If you don’t care, just go with the flow and let them do what they feel is easiest when they arrive.

It’s nice to get the replacement windows in Ventura, CA in and ready for your family as efficiently as possible. The professionals at Quality Windows & Doors are here to help. Give us a call at (805) 984-5895 and we can go over the process with you from start to finish. You can also visit with us in person in our showroom at 1430 S Oxnard Blvd, Oxnard, CA 93030. We want the installation to go smoothly and in a way that makes you comfortable.

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