Why Your Window Job is a Professional Job

When it’s time to install windows in your Ventura home, it may be tempting to turn a professional job into a “Do It Yourself” project. With the many DIY sites and videos floating around the internet, many homeowners are choosing to do their own home projects in the hopes of saving some money. Unfortunately, there are many risks that come with choosing to install your own windows. Here we will be discussing some of the predominant reasons why it’s so important to leave window projects to the professionals.

1. Energy Efficient Windows Can’t Do Their Job Without Proper Installation
You spent all your time researching and picking out the right energy efficient windows for your home and you’re ready to install them. Unfortunately, those energy efficient windows are useless if your windows aren’t properly installed. If your windows are put installed in a way that leaves even the slightest crack, a draft will form and your heating and air conditioning will go right out the window. If reducing your monthly energy bill is important to you, then it’s best to leave this job to the professionals.

2. Poorly Installed Windows Can be a Major Safety Risk
By choosing to do your window installation yourself; you are running the risk of coming across some safety and security issues down the line. First, your windows are the easiest access point for outside threats, and when they are poorly installed you increase your chances of robberies occurring. Second, if your windows aren’t properly installed they have the potential to fall out of place when pressure is put on them, which is a particular concern if you have children in your home.

3. Do It Yourself Jobs Can Cost You More in the Long Run
While you may believe that installing your windows yourself may save you money, it’s  actually likely to cost you more. Often, homeowners read outdated instructions online or watch videos without realizing a certain model of a window is no longer in circulation and tries to complete the job off of this information.  Usually, this results in the homeowner forcing the window into place, damaging both the window and the frame. When this happens, not only do you need to pay more to replace the window, but also to have a professional repair the frame. You can see how easily an affordable DIY job becomes a professional repair job that could cost you twice as much.

While we all like to save money, it’s more important to receive strong security, energy efficiency, and long-term value from your windows. If you are concerned about your budget, it’s highly recommended to request an estimate before beginning a project. At Quality vinyl windows Malibu, CA, we are here to provide you with a free estimate as well as answer any question you may have about your window replacement. To receive your estimate and speak with an expert today give us a call or visit us at any one of our three locations; Ventura County 805.984.5895, 1430 S Oxnard Blvd. Oxnard, California 93030,  Santa Barbara 805.564.7600, 534 N Milpas St. Santa Barbara, California 93103, or Malibu 310.456.3979.

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