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The Importance of Replacement Entry Doors and Windows for Agoura Hills Homeowners

There are many different aspects to a home, some of which are more important for comfort than anything else while others are essential for security and safety for the homeowner and his or her family. Entry doors are considered one of the most important aspects of safety within any home, yet far too many homeowners don’t provide them the actual value they deserve.

Agoura Hills CA Replacement Windows & Doors

Many people incorrectly assume that an entry door, such as a front door, side door, door leading out to a garage, or even a back patio door are fine and can last for essentially life in the house. In truth, entry doors are like any other item; they have a life expectancy.

The average exterior door will last anywhere between 15 and 30 years, depending on the door, how often it is used, and its quality.

How important are these entry doors? When you’re looking into any type of entry door for your Agoura Hills home, it’s important to understand how important these replacement doors are so you head out to make the right decision for your home, family, and budget. We have put together a few points to consider when looking into any type of entry door.

1. Security.

Your entry doors are the first point of entry for anyone coming to your home, including those who wish to break-in and steal your possessions or cause harm to your family. When somebody approaches the house, they are going to the front door, most likely. This is your primary point of entry for the average individual. The side or back door may be the first place a potential burglar tries if they want to break into your home.

If you have an old entry door that is worn out, is no longer holding firmly in place within the frame, doesn’t have strong locking mechanisms, you are exposing yourself, your family, and all of your possessions to potential risk.

2. Curb appeal.

Your front door can say a great deal about your house, your decor, and the home’s value. Believe it or not, when people look at a house for the first time, whether they are pulling into the driveway, pulling up to the curb outside, or just walking through the neighborhood, they will often notice the front door first and foremost. Many people have a tendency to paint the front door a completely different color than the rest of the house in order to help highlight it.

If you have a basic front door that is considered on the low end with regard to replacement entry doors, it may not be providing your home the kind of aesthetic appeal that you may wish it did. You may consider a double wide front door, a more ornate front door with a half-moon stained-glass feature on the upper portion, a wider front door with stained-glass along the side for security purposes, and many other options.

When you’re looking at a patio or deck door, the most common type is a sliding glass door. Perhaps a French door would be more appealing and encourage you to use the outdoor living space more frequently during the spring and summer months.

How your home looks from the outside can say a great deal about how it looks on the inside.

3. Energy efficiency.

Even though you might not think it’s the case, entry doors have a significant impact on energy efficiency for any home. While you don’t have to worry about very difficult winters in Agoura Hills, you likely have to turn your heating system on for a couple months out of the year, especially during the nighttime hours.

40 percent of your home’s heat in the winter and cool air during the summer is going to escape through drafty windows and entry doors. In fact, the gaps beneath your door, along the side, and even the insulation or material of your specific front door can contribute to an increased loss of heat and cool air, thus costing you more money throughout the year.

When you focus on energy efficiency for your entry doors you could be saving yourself money on your utility expenses every month about the year.

4. Ease of use.

The more use an entry door gets, the more abuse it will see. People have a tendency to open doors with their feet, slam them closed when they have their hands full when coming in with groceries and other items, and much more. A front or side door could get slammed on a regular basis, not out of frustration or anger but simply to make sure it closes thoroughly.

When an entry door is difficult to open and close, it can become much more difficult to use. That can affect the overall comfort and enjoyment about coming home. If you have to fight with the lock, have to struggle to keep the door closed, and have difficulty opening a specific door, you may use it less frequently. This is especially true when you’re looking at sliding glass patio doors that can become corroded and wear out over time, thus making them very difficult to open and close.

5. Value.

Because entry doors can have a significant impact on curb appeal, they can also affect the home’s value. If you’re looking for any type of improvement project for your home that will boost overall value, this is one that can make a significant investment for you and your family.

6. Choose the right company.

Whenever you’re looking into replacement windows or entry doors, it’s important to choose the right company so you are exposed to the best products, the best doors, the top-of-the-line windows, and much more. When you choose the right company you should see a wide range of options and the able to receive assistance from experienced sales representatives who are more interested in helping you make the right decision for your home and family than making a sale.

If that sounds like the right company for you at this point in time, choose Quality Windows and Doors. They have been serving the area, including Agoura Hills, for more than 35 years, have two showrooms in Oxnard and Santa Barbara, and have over 30 employees with an incredible amount of experience to help ensure you make the right decision for your home, family, and budget.