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Quiet Line™ Series | V950

No noise is good noise.

Milgard’s Quiet Line™ sound control windows deliver excellent noise reduction performance and weather protection. In fact, their noise reduction design results in a low U-value for excellent energy efficiency. Quiet Line windows reduce noise by 30 percent compared to our other windows. What’s more, you get the same high-quality Milgard vinyl recipe and attention to detail as the rest of vinyl windows.

Quiet Line sound control windows are the perfect solution if you live near an airport, overlook a freeway or face frequent environmental noise of any kind. Plus, they’re custom made to your home’s exact specifications at no extra charge or extended lead time. And you get the complete peace of mind of our industry-leading warranty.

Milgard Windows and Doors

Material: Vinyl

Operating Styles: From left to right


  1. Double Hung
  2. Horizontal Slider
  3. Picture
  4. Casement

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